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Separators and Pulling Devices by KUKKO

Discover online the complete catalogue of KUKKO separators and pulling devices. Mister Worker™ is the official dealer where you can buy series 15, 17 and 18 tools at the best prices.

When you have to remove a press on or close fit ball bearing, roller bearing, inner races or tight parts that make the use of standard puller jaws impossible, a bearing separator is the tool you need. To choose the correct separator for your application, start by measuring the diameter of the shaft. The series KUKKO 15 is suitable for shaft with a diameter of 6-250 mm, while the series KUKKO 17, which is equipped with a quick clamping pressure spindle, is recommended for shaft with a diameter of 8-155 mm. As a pulling devices, the series KUKKO 18 with mechanical pressure screw offers great stability during the removing operation and it can be combined with series 15 and 17. 

The separating-set with quick clamping pressure spindle 17-A provides you with a Sortimo i-Boxx to keep your tools always organized and protected in a special foam. The pressure spindle tenses the separator jaws quickly and centrically. To achieve a safe and convenient pulling, the tension bolts must be screwed into the separator for pulling, and the crossbeam must be in the right angle of the tension bolts. For deep-seated components, you can also screw extensions to the separator and adjust the tension bolts to the required clamping depth. In this set, you will also find a tube of spindle lubricant for the pressure spindle.