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KRINO Cutting tools

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If you are looking for technologically advanced, reliable cutting devices, look no further. Mister Worker® is the official retailer of Krino cutting tools. We are talking about an Italian brand that conquered the hearts of professionals both in Italy and abroad thanks to the excellence, and innovativeness of its products.

By browsing our vast, varied assortment, you can find the key products of this brand: from taps and dies to drill bits, through to milling cutters, hole saws and much more.

Moreover, Mister Worker® allows you to purchase products from this well-known manufacturer at unbeatable prices, along with the advantage of immediate delivery. In addition, we are available to provide you with a customized quote, should you wish to order products in large quantities.

Krino: A Story of Excellence in the World of Cutting Tools

Krino's background is a witness to traditional Italian craftsmanship combined with a constant quest for innovation. Founded in 1982, the company has deep roots in metalworking. Over the years, it has established itself as a professional cutting tool industry benchmark. Moreover, what makes this brand special is that it has maintained high-quality standards while respecting the environment and contributing to the expansion of tool line production, which includes taps and dies, drill sets, reamers, and more.

In 2011, the company took an important step in its growth path by completing the acquisition of the historic LTI Company. This Italian company is internationally known for the production of high-quality inserts and sockets for impact drivers.

This acquisition allowed Krino to expand its offer further, demonstrating its commitment to investing in quality 'made in Italy' products and diversifying its product range. All this is to meet the diverse needs of professionals.

Furthermore, Krino's philosophy is based on providing customers with all the necessary information. The value of their offer results from a careful search for products that meet high standards of excellence and reliability.

A vast catalog: Drill bits, milling cutters, hole saws, and more

Mister Worker® is your trusted online store for purchasing products from this well-known Italian brand. From taps and dies to mill cutters, from rotary burrs to drill bits, or even blades and saws, every item available on our website is 100% guaranteed and certified by the manufacturer.

Here are some of the leading products of the brand that you can find on our site:

  • 25 Series Cobalt Drill Bit (Krino 01135402): This cobalt drill bit series offers exceptional performance. Made of 8% Hss-CO according to DIN 338 standard, these bits are available in different sizes, from 1 mm to 13 mm. Thanks to their structure, they are ideal for a wide range of applications, ensuring precise cutting.
  • Magnetic Insert Set (66012010 LTI Krino): This set of magnetic inserts is designed to facilitate the tightening of screws of different sizes, even with one hand. The inserts are equipped with special magnets, along with colored rings for immediate recognition of the imprints. This set includes 6 pieces plus a 60 mm magnetic bit holder and is compatible with both hand screwdrivers and power tools.
  • Bi-Metal HSS Hole Saw (21060 - Krino): This bi-metal HSS hole saw is a versatile solution for cutting thin materials such as steel sheets, iron, light alloys, and more. Its variable tooth pitch and positive rake angle offer excellent performance, while the recommended drilling depth is 3-4 mm.

Discover the complete Krino catalog on our website and get ready to improve your work experience.