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Special Pliers and Pipe Cutters by KNIPEX

If you need Pipe Cutters or Special Pliers such as tile breaking pliers, glass nibbling and glass breaking pliers, metal sheet riveters and nibblers you’re exactly in the right place! Choose from a wide variety of Knipex tools here on Mister Worker™!

Special Pliers

Not only does Knipex offer a wide range of traditional pliers, but also aims to provide its customers with the specific pliers they need to carry out really specific operations such as breaking tile or glass. In the first case you will need tile breaking Pliers such as the 91 13 250, ideal for cutting and breaking long and thick tiles and porcelain stoneware. It has a great crushing force and it easily adjusts to the required tile thickness at the press of a button.
When you need to nibble or break glass, instead, you will need glass nibbling and glass breaking pincers: two forged special steel tools respectively to break off narrow strips of glass to a scored line and to break glass to a scored line.
Within the category of special pliers by Knipex you can also find, for example, hose clamp pliers, notching pliersrevolving punch pliers and much more.

Metal sheet Riveters and Nibblers

Knipex offer includes also metal sheet riveters, available in two different models, designed to join metal section sheets used in dry walling with a lock seam, particularly recommended for U- and C-shaped sections with max 1.2 mm metal. An example is the 90 42 250 punch lock riveter: its handles have with multi-component grips, which makes them perfect for one-hand operations. The plier’s body is made out of special resistant tool steel and, due to its optimum lever transmission, the tool requires minimum hand-force and it can also be used for one-hand operations. Check out also the Knipex 90 55 280 nickel plated metal sheet nibbler, which allows the user to cut without deformation not only iron, copper or aluminium sheet metal up to max. 1.2 mm thickness, but also plastic up to max. 2.0 mm thickness.

Pipe Cutters

In this category you will find the complete range Knipex Pipe Cutters which includes really versatile tools such as the 90 25 20 pipe cutter, recommended for cutting composite pipes with diameters from 12.0 to 25.0 mm in a clean way and without deformation and for cutting flexible protective tubes with a diameter between 18.0 and 35.0 mm without damaging a potential pipe inside.
If instead you need to cut thick walled plastic and composite pipes with diameters from 26.0 to 40.0 mm, we suggest you consider the Knipex 90 25 40: this patented high-quality tool is able to cut pipes using the ratchet principle in several strokes and its self-adapting pipe supports positions pipes of various diameters correctly for a rectangular cut. Finally, we recommend the Knipex Plasticut®, perfect for cutting thin walled plastic pipes (conduit plastic pipes) and flexible hoses, also with fabric reinforcement, of plastic and rubber up to 25.0 mm / 1" exterior dia.