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Cobra® Adjustable Pipe Wrenches by KNIPEX

KNIPEX Cobra pliers are new generation water pump pliers that make operations easy thanks to their fast grip, precise adjustment and self-locking hold. On Mister Worker™ you can buy KNIPEX Cobra pliers at the best prices, these tools are also available in the special versions Cobra XL/XXL, Mini-Cobra and QuickSet.

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Cobra® Adjustable Pipe Wrenches KNIPEX

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KNIPEX Cobra: Hightech Water Pump Pliers

If you are looking for adjustable pliers for water pumps, KNIPEX Cobra is the tool for you. They are new generation high-tech pliers that can be adjusted directly on the workpiece. How? Just place the upper jaw on the component and push the button to close the lower jaw. In doing so, the Cobra pliers adapt perfectly to pipes and nuts and allow the user to find a comfortable position of the handles for the hands.

These pliers are self-locking, in fact they prevent the tool from slipping on the workpiece and, at the same time, they require minimal effort for the worker. In addition, the jaws of the KNIPEX Cobra pliers have a special gripping surface with hardened teeth, treated to ensure a secure and stable grip, while the box-joint design gives high stability to the pliers.

In the KNIPEX catalogue you can find:

Cobra pliers with polished hand and handles with non-slip plastic coating (e.g. model 87 01 150);
Cobra pliers with polished hand and handles with multi-component grips (e.g. model 87 02 180);
Chrome plated Cobra pliers with handles with non-slip plastic coating (e.g. model 87 03 180);
Chrome plated Cobra pliers with handles with multi-component grips (e.g. model 87 05 250).

KNIPEX Cobra XL/XXL, Mini-Cobra and Cobra QuickSet

The KNIPEX Cobra range also includes Cobra XL/XXL pliers. These tools offer greater gripping capacity compared to equivalent pliers for pipes and nuts, but are much lighter. For example, the KNIPEX 87 01 44 model has a length of 400 mm and weighs only 1214 g but has a gripping capacity of 95 mm. For even higher performance, the KNIPEX 87 01 560 model has a length of 560 mm, a weight of 2750 g, and has a gripping capacity of 120 mm.

Mini-Cobra are the pocket-sized KNIPEX Cobra pliers, available in grey atramentized or chromed plated versions, with handles coated with non-slip plastic or multi-component grips. The smallest model, KNIPEX 87 01 125, is 125 mm long and weighs only 85 g, allowing a gripping capacity of 27 mm.

KNIPEX Cobra QuickSet are pliers that allows even faster adjustment of the tool on the workpiece. In fact, in addition to the adjustment button, this model has an extra push function that is activated by sliding the pliers handle. These tools thus facilitate applications in confined spaces and inaccessible areas. The Cobra QuickSet pliers are available with plastic handles (KNIPEX 87 21 250) and with handles in multi-component material with a tapered shape (KNIPEX 87 22 250).