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Inspection lights

To work in a space with a great lighting means to work better. Inspection lights are designed exactly for this reason: to guarantee the maximum light power, even in extreme professional situations. They have a powerful and bright light that allows you to work easily even in complete darkness. Here you can find a selection of professional inspection lights, ideal for any type of application.

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Inspection lights

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Sometimes it happens that you find a problem in an electrical system or in a car engine, but you can not repair it due to the light conditions. And it is for situations like these that the inspection light have been designed: they ensure perfect lighting even in complete darkness, enlightening every detail and allowing you to work in total ease.

On Mister Worker™ you can find a selection of professional inspection lights: from rechargeable LED flashlights, perfect to illuminate a limited area, to LED floodlights, compact and powerful tools for larger areas; from under hood LED lights, essential tools for any mechanician, to head flashlights, perfect to make inspections and easy repairs.

All inspection lights available in our catalog are designed to be shockproof and solvent resistant, to be used in every professional situations, from the easiest to the hardest. Furthermore, they work with a revolutionary battery that recharges much faster than traditional batteries, and that lasts up to 6 hours without being charged.