When you work in the oil and gas industry you need good equipment! From personal protection to ATEX tools, Mister Worker® is here to provide you with the best Oil and Gas tools and solutions on the market.

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Whether it is testing the tightness of a pipe, checking the welding of a flange, repairing a leak before it becomes an environmental hazard or simply connecting two pipes in the field, we have the product for you. Explore the best Oil and Gas tools and solutions on the market on Mister Worker®.

Chosen by professionals around the world, Mister Worker® offers high-quality tools from top brands for the world's major economic sectors, and the oil and gas industry is one of them.

As one of the world's major fuel sources, the oil and gas industry influences many aspects of the global economy. This industry has brought about changes in mobility, transport, electricity supply, heating, air conditioning and cooking. In addition to powering our economies, oil and gas are key elements behind thousands of products made and used daily by businesses and consumers.

If you are an operator in the oil and gas industry, you must know safety must come first. In fact, to work in this field, companies need to provide their employees with oil and gas tools and equipment that can withstand the high-pressure and high-temperature corrosive environments.

Whether working onshore, offshore, upstream, downstream, crude or refined, Mister Worker® can grant you the tools and solutions that can cope with any situation and ensure optimal performance and safety while working in extreme conditions.

Are there gases, vapours, mists or explosive dusty areas in your workplace? 

If so, you may need special equipment designed specifically for use in potentially explosive atmospheres within offshore platforms, mines, petrochemical plants and other industrial work environments. When choosing oil and gas industry tools, it is important to consider non-sparking tools that have ATEX and NEC certifications.

But what is ATEX? ATEX stands for ""ATmosphere EXplosible"" and is the name commonly given to the two European directives that regulate these atmospheres.

In the UK, this directive is implemented by DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations). ATEX only applies to EU countries. However, in regions such as North America, similar systems for work zones are specified by the NEC (National Electric Code) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

Why choose Mister Worker® as your supplier of oil and gas industry tools?

By combining the proven reliability and performance of our pneumatic, electric and hand tools, we help you maximise both uptime and productivity in the oil and gas industry. Mister Worker® has been working alongside work professionals for more than ten years. Since 2012, our goal has been to provide equipment, tools and individual protection for all applications, including exploration, production, processing and transportation.

We will always be by your side to ensure a long-lasting partnership and guarantee you the best tools in the oil and gas market. We understand the challenges you face and your need for a reliable and efficient tool that minimises downtime and ensures user safety.

So if you work in the industry, you also know that you have to rely on prestigious brands that guarantee great performance and quality. Browse our catalog and discover the best Oil and Gas tools from FACOM, BETA Tools, USAG, AMPCO, GEDORE, DIADORA, WIHA, STANLEY and more: from tool sets to non-sparking tools, from hand tools to power tools, from tool boxes to air tools you can be sure to find what you need.

A constantly growing catalogue, the best offers on the market, award-winning customer service and the ability to ship from small parcels to large pallets worldwide make Mister Worker a point of reference for professionals.

This means that you can easily receive any tool and equipment for the oil and gas industry, from North America to the Middle East, from Europe to the Far East.

If you need product information, request a quote, become a supplier or need help with purchasing, please visit the page contact us; our team will be happy to help and provide the security and service you expect.