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Pliers and cutters by HAZET

Hazet Pliers and Cutters Complete Catalog

Hazet Pliers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes made for different uses. For example, some can be used to twist or cut wires, some can be used to grip objects like pipes, and others can perform various combination tasks. Discover the following best selling Hazet pliers and cutters on Mister Worker™.

Circlip pliers

Hazet clippliers are made with resilient metalcore to which the tips are welded in place. Hazet circlip pliers can be found with bent tips at 90° as well as straight tips for both inside and outside lock rings. These pliers are chrome plated with tips of steel gray. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes Hazet circlip pliers safe and easy to work with. To work on circlips located in lower and hard-to-reach areas, you can use Hazet circlip pliers with long bent tips. Hazet circlip pliers for installing axle boots and clamps come in Nickle plated as well as chrome-plated. 

They have an ergonomically designed 2 component handle for improved grip and enhanced efficiency. Straight Hazet circlip pliers provide a quick releasing locking mechanism for working efficiently. The cylindrical tips are stable and at an optimal angle. They ensure fast and precise working as well as safety. Hazet 4658 crimping pliers allow a quick change system meaning that pliers head can be easily and quickly changed. It can be used for different cables and connectors.

Combination pliers

Hazet combination pliers offer universal pliers that allow quick adjustments due to their tip level feature. This adjustment can be made without having to grip it again or remove the tool. These pliers offer a clamping range of up to 50 mm, which makes these pliers one of the largest Hazet pliers. These pliers also provide safety against injuries in confined workplaces. In addition, Hazet pliers ensure a high quality that surpasses the standard requirements.

Furthermore, you will find a chrome-plated, phosphatized or zinc-phosphatized surface in the Hazet combination pliers that prevents corrosion. You can also find heavy-duty Hazet combination pliers that have cutting-edge hardness. In addition, they have an ergonomic 2 component handle cover made of plastic, which allows good grip and strength. They also ensure optimum leverage because the distance between the cutting edge and joint is relatively small.

Hazet Diagonal cutters

These are used for skinning and cutting wires, removing or cutting nails, pins, and other things. For example, you can use Hazet diagonal cutters on hardened steel wire of piano wires. The forged design allows easy movement of the lay-on slip joint. In addition, the cutting edges are induction hardened to ensure efficient cutting. Hazet diagonal cutters also enable optimum leverage because the distance between the cutting edge and joint is small. You can easily find bright chrome-plated or polished and blasted Hazet diagonal cutters.

In addition to these pliers, there is a wide range of Hazet pliers available. These include the Hazet hose clamp pliers with self-gripping clamp with jaws for areas with limited access, pipe wrenches used to grip flat, hexagonal, or round objects, most common pliers the flat nose pliers for bending, gripping and twisting wires, locking grip pliers, and end nippers. You can find the whole range of Hazet pliers on the website. So visit the website to learn more about the different types of high-quality and efficient Hazet pliers.