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In the Mister Worker™ catalog, a large number of high quality professional hand tools are available, carefully selected to meet every kind of professional need. All hand tools in the assortment exceed strict quality controls, to offer high performance while working.

Best Sellers

Mister Worker™ offers a complete range of high quality hand tools and the best brands. In our catalog more than 15000 hand tools are available, ideal for all types of needs: hydraulic maintenance, electrical maintenance, building or installation. We treat reliable brands, carefully chosen by our experts, to offer you the best quality hand tools on the market. Here you can find the complete catalog USAG, FACOM, EXPERT and STAHLWILLE: all manufacturers of professional hand tools that will best meet every professional need.

The hand tools in our catalog go through a rigorous quality control process before being ready for sale. Reliable, durable, ideal for any professional, buy a high quality hand tool means not having to worry about changing equipment every year: our hand tools are all covered by official guarantee and designed to withstand even the most intensive use. Just think, for example, of one of the most sold manual tools in our catalog: the ratchets. The new USAG 237 A 1/2 reversible ratchet, for example, arrived on the market at the beginning of 2017, immediately amazing professionals in the mechanical sector for its strength and reliability. The model is equipped with 72 teeth, with a shooting angle of only 5 ° to allow you to operate precisely even in the smallest spaces. Its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use even for several hours, and the plastic material of which it is composed is completely non-slip and very durable. The steel body alloyed with chrome vanadium makes this reversible ratchet a highly professional and reliable manual tool that will not disappoint even the most demanding professionals.

On the other hand, insulated hand tools are ideal for specialists in the electrical sector. In the catalog there is a wide range of keys, screwdrivers, ratchets, strippers, up to the pneumatic screwdrivers and dynamometry: among all the categories, one of the most sold is definitely that of screwdrivers. New in 2017 are the FACOM Slimblade screwdrivers, insulated and thin-blade, designed and manufactured specifically for electricians. This new line allows you to access even the tightest areas in complete safety without having to cut the blade insulation. The ultra-thin blade also makes it easier to reach the fastening mechanisms placed in the most critical and difficult to reach areas. They are screwdrivers suitable for different types of tasks, such as wiring and electrical maintenance, and the materials they are made of make them highly professional and resistant to intensive use. The FACOM screwdriver sets are composed of screwdriver of different sizes, to meet various types of professional needs.

These are just two examples of hand tools in our catalog. Mister Worker™ also offers Allen screws, pullers, clamps, socket wrenches, pliers and nippers, planes and a large number of hand tools designed specifically for professionals.