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HALDER Hammers and mallets

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High-quality Halder hammers and mallets for sale at Mister Worker®

Get ready to unveil the amazing universe of Halder tools. The company Halder Inc. is the unquestioned leader in the field of hammers and mallets for professional use. Thanks to its unwavering commitment to superior quality, along with an intelligent target-driven mindset dedicated to maximizing product effectiveness, the business stands as your trusted ally in meeting market demands with unparalleled competence.

Halder hammers and mallets are without a doubt the brand’s cornerstone product, but the assortment incorporates useful items such as axes, hatchets and more.

Immerse yourself in a journey where craftsmanship meets precision. At the heart of this journey is our unwavering commitment to delivering the pinnacle of quality, embodied in our esteemed partnership with Halder, an emblem of unparalleled excellence in the hand tool realm. 

Halder: a reliable partner for your needs

With over 80 years of experience, plus a team of 200 employees around the world, Halder has established itself as a leading manufacturer of hammers, mallets, and other precision tools. The company's journey commenced with engineer Erwin Halder's creation of the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet in 1938. Over the years, the firm has achieved various certifications, expanded internationally, and transitioned through generational leadership changes, culminating in its diverse product offerings today.

But what makes this brand so special? Why should you prefer it over some of its competitors? The company’s journey has been marked by sophisticated machinery, cutting-edge technology, and a wide range of products, such as mallets, dead blow hammers or axes, all of which have contributed to the brand’s reputation as a reliable partner in meeting market requirements.

When you choose Halder tools, you're investing in precision, flexibility, and efficiency. The business’s commitment to high-quality standards ensures that every tool that bears its name meets and exceeds your expectations. 

Unveil a broad catalog: Halder hammers, mallets, and more

We at Mister Worker® have as our top priority the satisfaction of our customers, even the most demanding ones. Therefore, we go to great lengths to provide you with a rich, diverse, and comprehensive catalog of state-of-the-art products from the most prestigious brands. And Halder is undoubtedly one of them. From mallets, the brand’s flagship product, to dead blow hammers, no product is not available in our assortment!

The Halder SIMPLEX 40 soft-face hammer is one of this brand’s most popular items. With its interchangeable mouths and handle, it offers flexibility for different tasks. Its two-piece cast steel body ensures durability, while the high-quality wooden handle provides a comfortable grip. In addition,the white nylon mouths are gentle on delicate surfaces. The central screw allows for quick and secure handle and jaws fastening. With its advanced features, plus its modern design, This SIMPLEX hammer simplifies your work with precision and efficiency. 

The SIMPLEX 50 soft-face hammer is another core product. Its two-piece cast steel body ensures durability, while the high-quality wooden handle provides a comfortable grip. Thanks to the central screw fastening system, changing handles and mouths is quick and effortless, making this hammer an essential addition to any toolkit.

In addition, look at the Halder SUPERCRAFT dead blow hammer: it is a precision-crafted tool ideal for various tasks, including automobile assembly, car bodywork, and sheet-metal work. Its robust construction, featuring a reinforced tubular steel housing filled with steel shot, ensures a satisfying non-rebound effect. 

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