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Welcome to Mister Worker™, the online shop of professional equipment where you can find scaffoldings, ladders and Gierre work trolleys! Choose the Gierre products you prefer from over 200 items that can be purchased with a simple click wherever you are and available for immediate delivery within 24/28 hours.

Gierre Products: Ladders, Ramps and Scaffoldings for Professionals

Leader in the market of elevation in Italy since its birth in 1980, Gierre SRL has decided to invest in innovation and in the search for quality and safety, strategic choice that has allowed it to achieve important results. Today it can count on a total area of ​​6,000 square meters dedicated to the storage and handling of goods and uses automated techniques for palletizing, which greatly reduce the preparation time of the material.

In 2014 a new plant was opened in Olginate (Lecco), equipped with a unique plant of its kind at the European level where the Gierre stairs are produced. In the same year Gierre France was founded with a large logistic warehouse and a dense network of representative agencies for the marketing of Gierre brand ladders and scaffoldings, especially of the GIERREPRO professional line.

Also in 2014, it also signed an agreement for the distribution of the range of HAILO products in Italy, an important German brand that manufactures devices for work at height and containers for waste.

Complete Catalogue of Ladders and Scaffoldings on Mister Worker™

You can buy certified Gierre transformable ladders: aluminum ladders, telescopic ladders (such as the famous Gierre Peppina scale model), professional bunk stairs and ladders, all equipped with non-slip rubber feet and anti-slip steps that make them safe on all occasions. Not only that, the shop also features the line of non-slip aluminum loading ramps (fixed or resealable), mobile towers with a structure with maximum rigidity and stability, and stable and easy to move scaffoldings.

All Gierre elevation systems are designed to meet the needs and requirements of every professional and comply with the latest regulations regarding safety at work: from Gierre scales ideal for installation engineers and installers, to Gierre staircases designed for warehouses, at the extendable stairs, excellent for masons, electricians, painters, window fitters and gardeners. The Gierre offer does not end here: the shop also has professional work trolleys.

Offers and Prices of Gierre Products

If you are looking for Gierre products at the best price, you are in the right place! With Mister Worker™ you can periodically find many Gierre offers not to be missed. Take advantage of discounts of over 30% to buy luggage trolleys, aluminum ladders, telescopic ladders, scaffoldings and everything you need to improve your work equipment. Keep an eye on our Gierre Special Offers section to buy all the products you need at the lowest prices!

For example, in a special offer on Mister Worker™ you can find the Gierre GE040 hand truck. It is a manual trolley with steel structure and tipper, equipped with pneumatic wheels with steel rim, non-slip rubber grips and wheel guards. It also has the ability to mount and remove the wheels in a simple and fast, thanks to practical clips, to allow you to easily replace them in case of damage.

Reasons to Choose Ladders and Ramps by Gierre

Gierre has always been synonymous with quality and safety. The company is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified. It therefore adheres to internationally recognized standards for its quality management system. All Gierre ladders and scaffoldings are accompanied by a certificate of conformity and are developed according to the most recent regulations in force, Legislative Decree 09 April 2008 n. 81 ("Consolidated text on security").

Thanks to an experience of over 35 years, Gierre SRL designs and manufactures staircases and stools, mobile scaffoldings and mobile towers, trolleys, trestles, ramps and safe and resistant work trolleys, both for consumers (GIERRE line) and for professionals (GIERREPRO line).

Ladders and Scaffoldings with Official Warranty

All Gierre products maintain a high standard of quality and safety and are covered by warranty. If the product proves to be defective, just contact us to replace it: send us an email to [email protected] and Mister Worker™ customer service will take care of your request and the eventual replacement of the product. Our online shop of professional equipment is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and at your fingertips you can find the most suitable professional tools for your needs.

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Mister Worker™ is the point of reference for the community of maintenance professionals: electricians, plumbers, skilled workers and many other categories gather information on our blog pages a [...]

Discover the new Mister Worker™ offers: big orders, small prices!