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Multimeters by FLIR

Check out a selection of FLIR’s imaging multimeters: the perfect tools to carry out accurate measurements, detect problems through their IGM thermal imager and solve them quickly and safely!

Multimeters FLIR

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Within Mister Worker™’s selection of FLIR’s products you can find a range of digital multimeters. Flir has transferred its amazing know-how in the field of thermal and infrared cameras into other tools and it produces all its multimeters with an integrated thermal imager featuring Flir’s patented IGM™ system with a 160 x 120 resolution. Depending on the model you choose, these multimeters have different functions such as datalogging, wireless and bluetooth connectivity, built-in worklights and many more.

Flir’s top selling imaging multimeters are the DM284 and the DM285. These two industrial digital multimeters’ main advantage is that they can fulfil different functions, including measure voltage, current, frequency, resistance, continuity, diode, capacitance, and temperature, identification of hot spots or temperature anomalies.
This multimeter allows you to work safely, take accurate measurements and obtain efficient results quickly by tracking problems to the source: this makes them perfectly suitable for the inspection of mechanical and electrical systems. The model DM285, thanks to its Bluetooth function, will also enable you to gather and transfer the collected data easily and quickly! 

If, instead, you’re looking for a more essential multimeter without compromising on quality, we suggest you have a look at the DM166, a really good solutions if you want to start enjoying the advantages of thermal imaging and improve the safety of your workers in both high voltage and low voltage applications. This tool, in fact, allows for a quick resolution of problems thanks to the winning combination of thermal imaging and traditional DMM test functions.