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Site equipment by FESTOOL

What Is Great about Festool Site Equipment, Accessories, and Workshop Tools?

The demand for Festool site equipment such as cables, carts, cover caps, dust extraction system, hooks and tool panels, multifunctional tables, workshop tools, and systainers are increasing more and more because of their portability, sturdy design, and longer service life. Festool MFT multifunction tables are part of a comprehensive range of Festool products, tools, accessories, and equipment, providing their end-user with superb quality, versatility, and unbeatable performance. The multifunction tables can be equipped with different compatible accessories for all applications. The MFT 3 Festool guide extension enables you to use all sorts of CMS modules for sanding, sawing, and routing your workpieces when the sliding table allows cross-cuts up to a cutting width of a maximum of 830 mm. The guide rail of the MFT 3 makes it possible for safer sawing and more precise routing.

These Festool tables come with a guide rail and angle stop - offering you the opportunity for many more cutting and machining variations while using a mobile circular saw or router. These tailor-made multifunction tables are the ideal choice for those who are looking for extra mobility, more stability for the KAPEX KS 88 plus KS 120, and maximum precision processing of their workpieces. Festool MFT 3 tables are designed to be sturdy and make elegant work surfaces for precise cutting, sanding, and routing. With the MFT 3, you can move your power tools safely and keep your stationary workpieces securely in any specific location regularly. Whether you are looking for cables, carts, cover caps, dust extraction system, hooks and tool panels, multifunctional tables, or other workshop tools, when you choose Festool, you can rest assured that you can work with maximum precision, flexibility, less effort, and save time. 

Explore the complete range of site equipment, accessories, and workshop tools on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Festool site equipment such as MFT tables and multifunction tables and deliver them all over the world, no matter where you live. If you are looking for high-quality site equipment, accessories, or workshop tools, check out our complete range of Festool cables, carts, cover caps, dust extraction systems, hooks and tool panels, multifunctional tables, pumps, radios and speakers, systainers, and other workshop tools. The Festool MFT 3 ADAPTER VAC SYS AD is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a VAC SYS clamping unit - increasing the clamping alternatives for attaching with the MFT 3. The  MFT 3 Festool 495502 - CROSS BRACE comes with 20 mm diameter and 675 mm length - enabling you to use additional cross braces to make the MFT 3 even more stable and highly portable.

To learn more about Festool tools, accessories, or equipment, browse the complete catalog of abrasives and polishing, air tools, batteries and chargers, clothing and merchandising, blades, cutting discs and cutters, cordless power tools, corded power tools, illumination, tips and screws, and power tool accessories available for sale on Mister Worker™.