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Tools set by FACOM

Buy FACOM Tool Sets online! Mister Worker™ is an official distributor where you can buy the complete catalogue of FACOM hand tools at the best prices. Discover a wide range of tool sets for industrial maintenance

Mister Worker™ is an Official Distributor where you can buy FACOM Tool Sets For Sale

You have to renew your work equipment and you are looking for FACOM professional tools for sale at the best price? On Mister Worker™, the online store of professional tools, you will find everything you need. If you need to buy a large number of new tools the best solution is to opt for FACOM tool sets. In our catalog you can find a wide range of tool assortments by FACOM.

If you are looking for a high quality maintenance assortment, in the FACOM catalogue you can find over 25 tool sets to choose from, including sets for general services and industrial maintenance. For example, on Mister Worker™ you can buy FACOM BSSMB.LT3, a 39 piece set of industrial maintenance tools sold in a compact tool bag.

Among tool sets for the automotive sector, you can find FACOM CM.A1, a 42 piece metric automotive tool set containing combination wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, diagonal cutters and many other useful tools. If you are an electrician, check out our wide selection of assortments for electricity and for electronics. You will discover many tools sets, like FACOM BSSMB.SE, a 15 piece set of electronic tools, which includes 1000V insulated pliers, Protwist screwdrivers and a wire stripper, an electrician knife, pliers and cutters.

There are also electromechanics assortments, for example FACOM BPC16N.EM40A, a tool set with 80 tools sold with a plastic toolbox, and FACOM 2208.EM41A, a 123 piece set supplied with the case BV.51A. This set contains short-reach combination wrenches, 1000V insulated screwdrivers and Microtech® Protwist® screwdrivers, hexagonal keys, circlip pliers and multigrip pliers and many other FACOM best selling tools.

If you are looking for farm machinery assortments, check out FACOM CM.V9, a tool set for agricultural maintenance that includes 174 pieces, such as combination wrenches, pliers, diagonal cutters, drift punches, hammers, screwdrivers, ratchets and sockets.

On Mister Worker™ you can buy the complete catalogue of tool sets by FACOM, including mechanics assortments, tool sets for plumbing and heavy goods assortments.
If you need help or you want to know more about the selection of FACOM tool sets available on Mister Worker™ contact us, our expert will help you to choose the best assortment of professional tools based on you needs

Are you looking for FACOM tools in the US, the UK or Australia? You are in the right place! . Mister Worker™ offers worldwide shipping and custom quotes. We are an official FACOM distributor and we ship FACOM hand tools and tool sets everywhere in the world.