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Screwdrivers, hex keys & bits by FACOM

Hex keys, T-handle keys and screwdrivers are essential tools for professionals and private users: On Mister Worker™ you will find not only standard screwdrivers, but also insulated screwdrivers, impact screwdrivers, sets of allen keys and bits for any kind of screw.

Facom Screwdrivers For Sale on Mister Worker™

Really common tools in each hand worker’s toolbox are surely screwdrivers: Facom offers a wide range of high quality work tools, made with durable materials, available in different sizes and with various types of heads so that they efficiently work on multiple types of screws.
Within Facom’s hand tool catalogue you can find not only standard screwdrivers, but also impact screwdrivers, insulated screwdrivers, bit-holding screwdrivers and, finally, screwbits.

Some of the most famous Facom screwdrivers are the Protwist® 1000 volt insulated screwdrivers for slotted-head screws: these tools, suitable also for working on electric circuits as they’re individually tested at 1000 Volts for 10 seconds.
If you’re looking for an assortment of Protwist screwdrivers. Mister Worker™ offers you a really great deal: the discounted set of 5 Protwist® screwdrivers: these screwdrivers are reliable and comfortable to use thanks to their ergonomically designed handle, that provides also an improved grip, resistance to impacts and an enhanced torque transfer even in challenging tightening or unfastening operations. They’re particularly useful in industrial environments and they feature long lasting tips.
A product that is really appreciated by our customers is the one of Isoryl screwdrivers: in particular, the T-Handle Isoryl screwdriver: this high-quality tool for slotted-head screws that allows you to transmit higher torque thanks to its special handle and its forged blade.

Hex Keys, T-Handle Keys and Screw Bits

Some of the most popular Facom hand tools are hexagonal male keys: these small L-shaped handheld tools are used for driving bolt and screws that have hexagonal-shaped recessed holes and they’re used for the most various applications, for example for building furniture or repairing a bike. One of our best-sellers, in fact, is the 82H.JP8AU set of hexagonal bent male keys, currently discounted on Mister Worker™. This set includes 8 extremely resistant male keys in different dimensions (from 1,5 to 10,0 mm) that come in a compact foldable stand that allow the quick selection of the needed size. Another great Facom tool is the set of 5 T-handle spinner hexagon keys: the particular shape of its handle allows you to spin the wrench quickly and almost effortlessly, especially when working in restricted areas.

Browse this category to find other amazing Facom work tools, including impact screwdrivers, phase proofing screwdrivers and much more! All Facom tools that you purchase on our website are covered by the official Facom warranty and it can be shipped all over the world! Should you have any questions or need advice in the choice of your new professional work tools, we suggest you contact us: our team is always available to provide you technical assistance and, if you’re planning to buy great quantities of goods, to create a personalized quotation for you!