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Roller cabinets and furnitures by FACOM

If you work in a workshop and are looking for new solutions to organize your work equipment, in the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find what you need: resistant and reliable workbenches and Facom roller cabinets, and a wide range of accessories, hooks and tool racks.

When working in a workshop or in an industrial plant, it is very important to have the right storage solutions for your tools, so that you can carry them around easily and without risking damaging them. Facom produces a wide range of furniture, including roller cabinets, work benches, tool racks and workshop trays: what all these tools have in common is their design, practicality and durability.

FACOM Roller Cabinets and Work Benches

On Mister Worker™ you can shop some of the best FACOM Chrono and Jet+ roller cabinets at special prices: an example is the discounted Chrono+ Roller Cabinet: this mobile storage unit features 7 spacious drawers with 3 modules per drawer where you can store all your hand tools, and it can easily be moved thanks to its four wheels, equipped with brake.
Each drawer has an automatic locking system that prevents it from opening involuntaryly during movement, and the ABS top is resistant and shockproof. This is an excellent workshop trolley, durable and not too bulky.
Check out also our selection of Facom furniture for workshops of you can also find a range of work benches, really useful whenever you need a large surface to work on. Our customers appreciate particularly the WB.2000GSA Maintenance Workbench: this fast and easy to assemble work bench features a shock and heat-resistant worktop made of galvanized steel and it has a static load resistance of 700 kg.

Facom's Best Tool Racks and Tool Trays

Facom has got you covered even if you’re looking for accessories to complete and enrich your cabinets and work benches, for example trays where you can place small components (such as the PL.M384 storage module with 12 compartments) that you can easily put in the drawers of your tool trolley.
On Mister Worker™ you can also find a wide range of hooks for hammers, for combination wrenches, racks for screwdrivers or sockets and much more! One of our best sellers in this category is the CKS.60A hook for combination wrenches.

Mister Worker Offers Special Discounts and Custom Quotes on All Facom Tools

Mister Worker™ is a Facom official worldwide distributor: consequently, all Facom roller cabinets and workbenches that you can purchase in this section are covered are by the official warranty of the manufacturer. If you would like to receive further information regarding any of these products, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team will be happy to provide you with technical assistance, advice and, if you’re planning on buying in bulk, we can prepare a customized quotation for you!