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Mister Worker™ is the official dealer of Expert tools, an Italian brand that is part of the Stanley Black & Decker group, known all over the world for its high-quality professional tools. You can buy wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and nippers, car repair equipment, tools for electronics and electrical engineering, air tools and much more! 
To find out more about Expert by Facom Tools, we suggest you have a look at the playlist available on Mister Worker’s YouTube channel!

Britool Expert by Facom: Hand Tools with Fair Value

Known in the past as Pastorino, the surname of its founder, Expert was founded in 1945 in Gemonio (Italy) as a factory producing exclusively manual tools, primarily tweezers. In the following years, the range of products was enriched with other manual and this led Expert to becoming a reference brand in the craftmanship and industrial maintenance sector. Expert, who started as a manufacturer selling hand tools exclusively in Italy, soon began to expand and be appreciated also abroad: this expansion is proved by the collaboration with some really important Italian companies, such as FIAT, Enel, Iveco and many others.

In the last decade, Pastorino Expert’s R&D department has focused mainly on innovation and expansion of the range of tools produced, releasing a series of hand tools designed to meet the needs of all professionals, even the most demanding. The goal of the company is to offer products that have a unique quality/price ratio and that comply with the highest international quality standards such as ISO and DIN. Expert has recently been rebranded in Expert by Facom and it is now part of the Stanley Black&Decker group.
Thanks to Mister Worker™ you are now able to purchase online a wide range of quality products such as air tools, roller cabinets, measuring tools and torque control characterized by precision, security and resistance!

Expert Hand Tools: Ratchets, Hammers and much more

Thanks to Mister Worker™ you have the opportunity to discover the full range of Expert hand tools. Check out, for example, Expert ratchets such as the 1/4” ratchet with a articulated head, really appreciated by professionals in every sector. It has a 72-tooth mechanism, an angle of recovery of 5 ° and a compact and articulated head that allows working in areas difficult to access without major problems. The bright chrome finish and the ergonomic bi-material handle make it very elegant and comfortable to use even for prolonged periods. Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety of hammers and chisels and pliers and cutters for all applications.

Expert tools for specific profession: automotive, hydraulics and electrotechnics

Within the Expert by Facom catalogue you’ll also find storage solutions, like roller cabinets, pullers and specific utensils for the automotive field, hydraulics and electrotechnics and electronics. If you would like to renew your assortment of tools, Expert by Facom is the right choice, as they provide you an extensive range of products characterized by an unique quality/price ratio.
Choose what you need right away: tool holders, workshop trolleys, socket wrenches, screwdrivers, pneumatic tools, controlled clamping tools, torque wrenches, pliers, calipers and measuring tool sets. And this is not all: Mister Worker™ offers these products at discounted prices and ships them all over the world!

Within the category dedicated to electrotechnics and electronics, for example, you can find a wide range of insulated hand tools: cable cutters, pliers and screwdrivers for electronics and wire strippers. Check out, for example E050406 Engineers cutting pliers insulated 1000v vde, that comply with the IEC EN 60900 and the DIN ISO 5745 certifications. Its compact head offers perfect accessibility in confined spaces and it allows a comfortable use even during highly repetitive cutting.

Mister Worker is an Expert by Facom Official Dealer Providing Special Offers and Official Warranty

Thanks to Mister Worker™ you can update your assortment of tools with high-quality Expert utensils: you can purchase in a few clicks all the tools described above and much more at exceptional prices and get them delivered really fast! The quality of EXPERT products is certified by the EXPERT official warranty. Unless specified otherwise, EXPERT offers a guarantee for all manufacturing flaws and faults on all products in the range without time limit.
Finally, we suggest you have a look at the section dedicated to Expert Special Offers where you can find unmissable opportunities with discounts up to -40% on products carefully selected by our experts to give you the chance to save money and experience the high quality of Expert hand tools. Discover the best Expert prices on Mister Worker™, all the professional tools you need are just a click away!

Do not miss the chance to get the discounted EXPERT 6 Drawers Roller Cabinet. It is perfectly resistant to impacts and hydrocarbons, and the wide polypropylene worktop is covered in fibre, with an integrated handle and edges that prevent accidental dropping of tools during movement. This is the perfect workshop trolley for those looking for a practical, durable and capacious solution. Another recommendation is the 1/2" sockets and accessory module 21 pieces, a perfect assortment for professionals.

If you have any questions, get in contact with us! Our team of experts can guide you in the choice of the best Expert tools for your specific need and provide you technical assistance and prepare customized quotes for you. 

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