Stripping pliers, thermometers, wire welder, wire strippers, pliers and antistatic nippers: these are just a few examples of electronic and electrotechnical tools in the Mister Worker® catalog, all highly professional and safe.

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When working in the field of electrical engineering, it is essential to have the use of specially designed professional hand tools that have passed stringent test tests. There are many tools created to be used in the electrotechnical field: one of the most widespread is the soldering. Tin soldering is typical of electrical engineering, because it is used to connect different components of a circuit together, thus realizing electrical continuity and fixing the various pieces. The tin welder is a professional tool that must be used with great care: a weld carried out roughly can cause problems and malfunctions in the circuit, and being able to solve the problem can become very complex.

Another type of tool for electrical engineering is the wire welding machine. This is a welding machine composed of a metal wire that moves through the welding torch, also known as MIG welding machine (which uses active gas, such as oxygen) or MAG welding machine (which uses helium). It is a highly professional work tool, able to weld metal thanks to the flame produced by the combustion of gas.

Another tool widely used in the electrotechnical field is the digital multimeter, also called a digital tester, which allows the measurement of the value of many electrical quantities. For years the analogue tester has continued to be used, but digital multimeters have now completely supplanted it. It is a very useful tool for determining resistance levels, electrical voltage and current, whether continuous or alternating, before starting to perform a job.

Even working in an electronic laboratory requires having in their toolbox a series of electronic tools, specific to work on delicate parts. On Mister Worker® you can find antistatic pliers, electronic tweezers, scissors, vices, screwdrivers, nippers... and a wide range of electronic tools, all available for immediate delivery and covered by official warranty.

But that's not all! In the Mister Worker® catalog there are also many other professional tools designed specifically for electricians: precision insulated screwdrivers, metal finders, electric cable detectors, cable clamps, wire clamps... a wide range of electrical engineering that meets the needs of everyone.