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Are you looking for high quality, modern professional business equipment? Then, Mister Worker™ is the right place for you. Our online shop is an official Durable distributor, a German brand specialized in the development of advanced solutions for the modern workplace. This means that you can purchase items such as folders, desk mats with edge protectors, tablet holders, labels, waste baskets and many others.

This brand is well known for the design, the functionality of its products, created in order to make office life easier as well as organized. Take advantage of this opportunity: purchase what you need, in order to keep your workplace tidy, clean and professional.

As an official distributor, Mister Worker™ only sells original, manufacturer-certified, high-quality office products.

The history of Durable: 100 years of success

Founded in 1920 in Iserlohn as a fabricator of metal index items, the company now has a 100-year experience in the manufacture of office products, such as labeling systems, folders, desk pad and many others. 

The firm started to emerge after the difficult years of the Second World War: in fact, in the late 1950s, the brand launched the innovative clip folder DURACLIP, that allowed documents to be archived without perforating. This item played a relevant role in the ascension of the business.

Then, in the subsequent years the organization expanded constantly. Furthermore, through the acquisition of subdivisions of other companies, the enterprise was able to bring new waste management products to its range, such as the DURAFRAME line.

In the 2010’s, the business has focused not only on successful products such as VARICOLOR, but has also developed a series of tablet and monitor holders to emphasize the importance of modern, ergonomic workstations. Moreover, the brand added groundbreaking solutions such as visual communication items, warehouse or logistic equipment, together with the LUCTRA illumination system, able to improve the working experience of every professional.

Moreover, the corporation came up with the DURAPRINT® free labeling software, an innovative tool that enables the quick creation of  custom labels for all digitally markable products in a few steps. 

Nowadays, the company boasts 700 employees worldwide, selling its products in more than 80 countries..

Durable: your best office supplies provider

The goal of the enterprise is to offer innovative, high-quality solutions, in order to help customers to carry out their daily tasks in a professional way. The excellence of its product assortment (that includes the famous lines DURAFRAME, VARICOLOR, CAVOLINE or DURACLIP)  is testified by the numerous awards the company has received in these years, such as the German Design along with the Innovation Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2021. 

Sustainability is another important issue for the brand. In fact, it commits itself to recycle at least 80% of its total waste, to use production methods that do not damage the environment and to reuse plastic wastage in the production process of its folders, labeling systems as well as tablet holders wall mount. Moreover, the firm is certified according to the internationally ISO 14001 standard for the development of efficient environmental management systems at all German facilities. This significantly reinforced the corporation's commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

The world of work is undergoing changes: not only in terms of the skills required, but also in relation to the organization of spaces and processes, plus consequently the equipment needed. For more than a century, the firm has been a reliable business partner in the field of professional items. Therefore, the company strives to work consistently, persistently as well as enthusiastically on the creation of innovative, complete solutions to support customers in their daily work.

Discover the complete catalog: folders, labels, desk mats and more

Our online store is constantly increasing its range of highly professional products, so that we can offer professionals around the world state-of-the-art, intelligent solutions that meet all their needs. This is why we have decided to make available the Durable office product catalog. From badge holders to visual communication items, from order and filing articles to waste management solutions, including signage systems, name badges and presentation articles, Mister Worker™ provides you with whatever you need for your workplace.

You can find for example the clip folder DURACLIP 2203, made of resistant plastic. It is provided with a unique steel clip for safe, efficient storage of documents. The back is coloured rigid film, while the front is transparent rigid foil, so that you can easily see the document. This folder is particularly useful for archiving A4 documents, e.g. quotations, meeting as well as training papers.

The drawer box VARICOLOR 7605 27 is also available on our website. Realized in a robust ABS structure, it is equipped with drawers in 5 different colors to make it easier to organize, find items. The trays move quietly and have a mechanism to stop the pull-out. Stackable with anti-slip feet made of plastic, this unit has transparent labeling windows, along with exchangeable insertable sheets

Take a look at the tablet holder wall mount XL (893823), suitable for 7-13” tablets with cover. This item rotates 360° for versatile use in both portrait and landscape format. Thanks to its particularly deep module, this article can solidly hold tablets with protective cover. Furthermore, the holder is extremely robust thanks to its high quality aluminum, ABS structure.

Last but not least, regarding the signage systems, you should consider the floor marking tape DURALINE®  50/07: it is a self-adhesive, two-color marking tape for indoor use. Due to its bright colors, as well as its 0.7 mm thickness, this product is highly visible. 

Mister Worker™ is a Durable office products official Worldwide Dealer 

As an authorized online distributor, Mister Worker™ offers original products, shipping them in over 180 countries. If you would like to receive excellent-quality labeling systems, folders, badge id holders or tablet holders wall mount in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia, available for immediate delivery, all you have to do is to choose our shop! We would also like to point out that every item sold by Mister Worker™ is guaranteed by the manufacturer and can be shipped at affordable prices plus in large quantities if necessary, by requesting a custom quote.

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