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DIADORA UTILITY Safety Shoes and Workwear

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Shop the Diadora Utility Complete Catalogue Online: Workwear and Safety Shoes

Diadora was founded in 1948 as an artisan’s laboratory that produced exclusively mountain boots and work shoes, but it quickly established itself on the market thanks to the quality of its footwear. Since the 1960s the company has been focusing on the production of shoes for the world of sports, in which the firm stood immediately out not only because of the high-quality of its products, but also for its innovative solutions. Fifty years after its foundation, the company, leveraging its expertise in the field of sport footwear, has decided to go back to its origins by recovering the production of work shoes through the creation of Diadora Utility in 1998.

The brand was born with the goal of combining the sporting DNA of the company with research and technological innovation, in order to offer comfort and safety to all professionals in their workplace. The safety shoes included in the Utility range are intended to guarantee a consistant degree workplace safety without giving up comfort. For all those professional workers that looks for design and quality without any compromise, the brand offers a range of product that does not only include safety shoes and safety boots, but also a line of clothing and workwear that comprises jackets, trousers, work overalls and high visibility workwear.

The catalogue provides you with workwear for all seasons of the year, with a wide assortment of garments suitable for workers that operate in workshops, factories or warehouses. For example, durable and high-performance clothing for artisans and installation operators and for those workers that operate outside, for example in the gardening, agriculture or construction sector.

For example, for what concerns the product category of work trousers, the brand offers a range of items made of stretch nylon or polyester and cotton with water-resistant polyester knee pads made of abrasion-resistant material. There’s also a variety of cargo work trousers, denim work trousers and work shorts. The catalogue of work jackets includes lightly padded jackets, softshell jackets, work gilet in stretch cotton canvas, waterproof jackets and cold-proof padded jackets featuring the Breathing System. The Hi-Vis Workwear by Diadora Utility range from work trousers to jackets, from polo shirts to vests, all available both fluorescent yellow and orange. Among the workwear accessories, finally, you can find work hats and beanies, transpiring work socks, knee pads, insoles and shoelaces.

Diadora Safety Shoes: Quality and Comfort thanks to the GEOX and Diadora Technology

Thanks to the high-quality standards and exclusive technologies introduced by the, the brand is now a point of reference in the sector of workwear, in particular when it comes to safety shoes. The philosophy that has distinguished Diadora since its foundation is precisely to combine the experience gained in the sports sector with research and technological innovation to offer footwear suitable for all work operations, that can guarantee workers the highest levels of safety. In particular, the catalogue offers a wide range of shoes and workwear that share three main characteristics: transpiration, light weight and shock absorption.

The continuous research for perfection from a technical point of view, in order to guarantee workers comfort and safety has led to the development of several innovations. Among these, the GEOX - Airbox Net Breathing System™, a cutting-edge transpiration system introduced by the brand in its lines of safety shoes stands out. It is a GEOX patent that finds application in a new technology born within the laboratories: the company has in fact included in its shoes the special GEOX membrane with lateral holes to ensure maximum breathability of the foot, in combination with the protective elements that characterize work shoes. These are the only safety shoes on the market that allow the foot to breathe without letting the water pass: the membrane of these shoes is made of a porous material capable of absorbing sweat in the form of water vapor and eliminating it through the holes placed in the sole. Net Breathing System™ technology by GEOX thus allows you to create an ideal microclimate inside your safety shoes that keeps your foot not only dry but also healthy. This also applies in the hottest weather conditions and during intense work activities, making this producer's shoes the ideal safety shoe for all workers, whatever the working condition.

Another innovation recently introduced by Diadora is the special Matryx upper, capable of offering abrasion resistance, lateral support, flexibility and lightness never experienced before, as well as cutting-edge design.
In the catalogue there are safety boots and low safety shoes. Among the best-known models is the Glove safety shoe, introduced in 2005.

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