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Drill bits and tips by DeWALT

Mister Worker is an official DeWalt distributor. On our website you can buy the complete catalogue of DeWalt chisels, drill bits for drilling masonry, metal, wood and other materials, impact torsion bits, screwdriver bits and sets.

Buy DeWalt drill bits and screwdriver bits online on Mister Worker™

Are you looking for drill bits and drill bits or screwdriver bits? On Mister Worker™ you can find the complete range of DeWALT tips and inserts, ideal for masonry, metal, wood and other materials.

If you need DeWALT inserts and tips, Mister Worker™ is the online store of professional work equipment for you. The complete De WALT range is available is available on our website and every product in our catalog is covered by the official DeWALT warranty.

In the catalog you will find magnetic sockets, masonry core drills, impact torsion bits and screwdriver bits, wood drill bits, metal drill bits, masonry drill bits, bits for other materials, chisels and practical torsion bit sets, ideal for those who need a large number of different inserts. For example, you can buy at a special price the DeWALT DW869 screwdriving assortment, which includes 32 pieces: it is composed of mixed inserts, ideal for covering all the main screwing applications, enclosed in a sturdy and compact box, ideal to carry with itself to keep the inserts in order. A magnetic adapter with safety catch is also included.

Are you looking for a screwdriving set by DeWalt? We suggest you check out DeWalt DT70512T-QZ, a 14-piece set with Extreme Impact Torsion 25mm bits, short and long magnetic adapters, sold in a slim pocket case. This set has 5-star reviews and it is appreciated as the special design of these bits guarantees longer life, faster and more accurate screw driving.

For your wood working activities, check out De Walt DT4575-QZ self feed drill bits. These special drill bits for wood drilling are made with a high percentage of carbon steel and they are ideal for quick drilling of clear large diameters holes. They are available in a wide range of diameters, from 25 mm to 117 mm.

If you want to buy a large number of DeWALT bits and inserts, ask for a personalized quote: write an e-mail to [email protected]: our experts will prepare an ad hoc quotation just for you, to meet your professional needs and offer you the best prices.