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Discover the complete catalogue of DeWalt corded drills and drivers on Mister Worker™: choose from a wide variety of discounted impact drills, screwdrivers, core drills, angle drills, mixer drills, drill accessories and much more!

Discover the Best DeWalt Corded Drills and Drivers

When choosing a new drill or driver, you should always take into consideration the specific applications that you need it for. If you would like to achieve extremely high performance, torque and speed a DeWalt corded power tool may be the best for you: such tools bring a lot of advantages among which the most important ones are surely increased productivity and minimum downtime in comparison to most cordless power tools. The range of DeWalt corded power tools is really wide, as it includes not only impact drills, but also diamond drills, rotary hammers, screwdrivers, mixers and many others.
All DeWalt power tools available on Mister Worker™ are suitable for the most various operations, as they’re designed to be perfect also in heavy duty situations and for the most demanding users, included those of you that need a highly resistant tool to drill in tough materials safely and as fast as possible. DeWalt Drills and electric screwdrivers are well-known on an international level because they are powerful, reliable, fast and perfect for intensive professional use.

DeWalt Impact Drivers, Percussion Drills and Mixes For Sale

If you would like to step up your power tools’ assortment, you should definitely consider purchasing an DeWalt core drill, a tool that guarantees the precise drilling of holes through various material types thanks to its diamond coated drill tips. Buying the D21570K-QS diamond drill is the right  solution for you especially if you work in the field of construction and you frequently work on concrete or other hard materials. With its power output of 680 W and its brand-new engine, protected by electronic clutch, this tool guaranteed optimal performance with dry core bits up to 127 mm for example in masonry and bricks.
If, instead, you need to carry out standard tasks like drilling a whole in a wall, you should rather choose a DeWalt
Impact Drill. An example is the Dewalt 2-speed percussion drill DWD530KS-QS, a professional and powerful (power output 680W) drill driver that delivers great results in terms of safety, speed and accuracy of the drilling.
A great option, available in our online catalogue of DeWalt power tools, that allows you to both drill and mix is the D21520-QS mixer and rotary drill: this power tool ensures the easy drilling of hard materials such as concrete, masonry and drywall. It has a robust metal gear case and an ergonomic design which make it a particularly durable and comfortable-to-use corded power tool.

Try out the quality of DeWalt corded drills and drivers and do not miss the chance to buy great impact wrenches, rotary hammers and a range of accessories including bits, chucks, mandrels and bit holders! If you’re looking for great deals on DeWalt tools, have a look at our special offers section, where you can find a selection of discounted power tools, batteries, Tstack organizers with discounts up to 70%!