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Cold Water High-Pressure Washers by DeWALT

Discover the new range of DeWalt High Pressure Washers! These professional pressure washers are efficient and durable, and they can perform even in the harshest conditions. DeWalt high pressure washers can complete the most demanding jobsite applications, providing maximum performance and reliability in the toughest locations.

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Cold Water High-Pressure Washers DeWALT

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Cold-Water high-pressure washers are fundamental tools to achieve the best cleaning performance in a short time. In our selection of DeWalt’s high pressure washers you can find products powered by electric motors or gas engines. DeWalt’s pressure washers are an excellent choice both for professional and domestic use as they provide extremely powerful and efficient cleaning. 

DeWalt high pressure washers: Superior quality motor pumps

Electric pressure washers have many advantages compared to the ones powered by gas engines: they are smaller and weight way less than models with gas engines, you can use them indoors and they never run out of fuel.

If you’re looking for an off road and electric high pressure washer, check out DeWalt’s DXPW004E Pro high pressure washer with 150 bar pressure and 3 kw power. This professional high pressure washer is powered by a single-phase electric motor with thermal protection and a crankshaft system with 3 ceramic coated pistons, that ensure a long-lasting high performance.

If you want to buy a compact electrical high-pressure washer, the model DeWalt DXPW001E Pro high pressure washer has a single phase electric motor, 130 bar pressure and 2,3 kw power. This model is currently available on Mister Worker™ at a discounted price. It is suitable for the toughest jobs and roughest onsite environment. Inside the tough outer case there is a 3 axial stainless-steel piston wobble plate pump powered by a 2,3 kw electric induction motor combined with a thermal protector to prevent overheating. This ensures a maximum flow rate of 540 lph. Even though this is a compact high-pressure washer, it can be easily moved around thanks to its extra large rubber wheels and its soft grip handle.

One last recommendation is for the DXPW009E 210 bar washerpowered by a gas engine, which allows you to clean at much higher pressure and flow rates compared with the electrics models. Washers with a gas engine should be preferred if you need maximum power and want to get the job done fast: in fact, the suggested high pressure washer has a maximum flow rate of 780 litres per hour.

All DeWalt cold-water high-pressure washers that you buy on Mister Worker™ come with the official 2-year warranty of the manufacturer. If you have questions or you would like to receive more detailed information about any of the products included in this category do not hesitate to contact us!