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Anchors by DeWALT

In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find the complete range of DEWALT anchors for sale online: chemical anchors, light anchors and mechanical anchors at a special price ready for immediate worldwide delivery!

DeWalt Light Duty, Mechanical and Adhesive Anchors For Sale Online

Anchors are small tools used to develop resistance in concrete and masonry and, within the DeWalt catalogue, you can find not only the classic light duty anchors, but also mechanical anchors and adhesive anchors.
The DeWALT range of
light duty anchors is designed and manufactured with the same high standards that characterize all DeWALT products and with the same attention to quality and materials. Light duty anchors are perfect screw fasteners and they’re available in various dimensions and shapes. A great option to use when working on wallboard and for other light duty applications is the set of 100 LEGS® expansion anchors whose main advantage is that their use doesn’t require pre-drilling.

If, instead, you’d rather use stainless steel DeWalt mechanical anchors suitable for concrete and other hard materials we suggest the FRAMID® PRO Anchors: these zinc plated anchors are easily installable into a wide range of materials including concrete and masonry and they expand upon tightening. They offer optimal performance even in the most demanding structural applications.
Adhesive or chemical anchors, instead, are non-expanding: the chemically held rod drastically reduces the chance that the concrete in which the anchor is placed breaks. Moreover, anchors such as the PV45 DeWalt adhesive anchors provide consistant performance in uncracked concrete and a simple installation process.

If you’re looking for advice regarding which anchor best suits your needs or you would like to receive further information about any of the products included in the DeWalt catalogue available on Mister Worker™, contact us! Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with technical assistance.