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Mister Worker™ is an official distributor of DeWalt Tools. Among our assortiment you can find the full range of DeWalt power tools and accessories at competitive prices and with the convenience of a quick delivery wherever you want. From DeWalt Impact Drivers and DeWalt Drills (Cordless and Corded) to Circular saws, from DeWalt nail guns to laser levels, from DeWalt multi tools to radios, you will find everything you need on our online store. 

Moreover, if you would like to receive valuable advice on  DeWalt cordless power tools, read our blog post on how to choose the best Dewalt batteries 

DeWalt Tools US: 100 years of great success 

Since 1922, when Raymond E. DeWalt refinined the first existing model of professional radial squaring machine, the company's commitment in the search for innovative technical and professional solutions has always been constant. DeWalt, in fact, has kept on following the philosophy of its founder, whose cornerstones are the desire for innovation and the determination to satisfy the real needs of the end user. For this reason, DeWalt has a well-known reputation around the world for the quality and the performances. If you would like to see DeWalt tools in action, watch the videos included in our YouTube playlist!

From the first projects of Wonder-Working, a universal professional woodworking machine, to the most recent introduction of the innovative DeWalt battery FLEXVOLT®, the company has been working on optimal solutions for the construction industry, designed to significantly improve the quality of the work. Through the years, DeWalt has become a symbol of reliability, precision and robustness all around the world.  

Thanks to its great experience and the continuous investments in research and development, DeWalt guarantees high quality standards in terms of professional results, safety, health protection and management of environmental problems.

Complete Catalogue Online: Dewalt Impact Drivers and Drills, Multi Tools, Circular Saws, Laser Levels, Nail Guns, Radios and much more

DeWalt is the number one producer of professional power tools in North America. All its high-quality products are designed and engineered to guarantee the best performance.  

On Mister Worker™ you can find the DeWalt tools catalog, which features a wide assortment of corded and cordless power tools, storage solutions and accessories. From DeWalt impact drivers and drills, to different types of saws (such as DeWalt circular sawsreciprocating saws or DeWalt table saws), from DeWalt nail guns to grinders, from DeWalt batteries to DeWalt radios, the product line offered by our store is varied and complete!

Check out also the wide range of DeWalt tools for gardening. We offer different models of DeWalt hedge trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, weed eaters, lawn mowers and more! Whether you need to prune plants or blow leaves, on our online shop you can buy the gardening tool you need.

If you decide to purchase DeWalt products on Mister Worker™ you will also have access to an unbeatable range of DeWalt tool sets, accessories, and spare parts such as tips, blades, sleeves, clamps, guides, replacement spindles, trestles and supports, staples, nails and pins and abrasive materials. If you want to get more information about our range of DeWalt tools and accessories, download the official catalog in PDF format.

The best innovations: DeWalt TSTAK™, Tough System, Perform & Protect and DeWalt Battery Flexvolt

In 2007 DeWalt launched the Perform & Protect product line, which provides the user with professional tools equipped with the most advanced safety systems. The main characteristics of these DeWalt tools are that they reduce the amount of air-borne dust exposure, increase user visibility, and cut down on tool maintenance costs.

For example, DeWalt table saws and drills are equipped with ergonomic and non-rigid handles, precisely designed to reduce the fatigue and vibrations of the hand-arm system. All DeWalt power tools available on Mister Worker™, such as DeWalt routers and circular saws, are provided with electronic speed control systems, safety locks, progressive drive and shaft lock.

Another important step in the brand innovation process is represented by the birth of the DeWalt Flexvolt series: high performance power tools, fast in execution and excellent in performance, powered by  batteries, with the aim of offering the user complete freedom of movement and excellent autonomy. DeWalt XR Flexvolt technology also allows the versatile and flexible use of 18V-54V voltage batteries. The 54 Volt DeWalt tools offer more power, allowing performance never seen before for cordless devices. In addition, the higher speed of execution offers a shorter time of use and therefore also a lower consumption. As a result, battery life is increased.

It is noteworthy to mention another important product line: DeWalt Tough System Storage solutions, which provides the customer with a wide range of particularly resistant DeWalt tool boxes and trolleys. These products are designed to protect your tools from the harsh conditions. 

Within the category of DeWalt tool boxes and trolleys you can find the whole range of TOUGH SYSTEM and TSTAK storage units. They’re perfect for heavy-duty activities, are extremely durable and can be easily moved thanks to their sturdy wheels. Moreover, they are IP54 and IP65 certified, so that they can protect your tools from adverse weather conditions. A really good example is the DeWalt Tough System Organizer DWST1-75522, provided with 12 removable containers for storage of small parts and a seal for water and dust protection.

The DeWalt Tstak modular organizers also give you an intelligent solution to store your hand tools and accessories: they can be combined so that you can transport your workshop with you. Check out, as an example, the Dewalt TSTAK IV Modular Organizer: it provides you with a large adjustable or removable internal dividers and side hook hinges.  

Why Should You Choose DeWalt Tools?

DeWalt has always been careful to design equipment that combines power and maximum convenience of use: the entire range of DeWalt cordless tools available on Mister Worker™ is designed to ensure maximum battery life and noise reduction through innovative brushless motors. For example, XR Lithium DeWALT batteries, such as the DeWalt 18V Battery Pack XR are equipped with Bluetooth connection and USB ports for connection with mobile devices.

This is not all: all DeWalt impact drivers and saws are equipped with adjustable LED lights for maximum visibility of the screws and cutting points. The DeWalt miter saws integrate the innovative XRS blade tracking system, which projects the cutting line directly onto the workpiece. Moreover, DeWalt uses very high-strength materials for its cutting and drilling accessories, in order to guarantee excellent durability of drills, blades,and sanding discs. For example, the teeth of the saw blades have geometrical structures that enhance the durability of the tool, there is a flexible torsion zone able to absorb any torsion peak and, finally, the blade is covered with diamond. 

Moreover, all  DeWalt power tools are characterized by being lightweight and ultra-compact: this makes them the ideal solution for several different activities and reduces the user’s fatigue. Another aspect that is really important for DeWalt is the runtime of its tools and batteries: this ensures a much more comfortable use. The Dewalt Drill Set DCD996P2’s brushless motor and powerful lithium batteries guarantee a better productivity with minimum effort thanks to its ultra-compact and lightweight design.

Don’t miss the DeWalt Promotions and Offers on Mister Worker™

Take advantage of the opportunity to buy high quality DeWalt cordless and corded power tools, as well as accessories and DeWalt tool boxes with special discounts on our online shop!For further information, take a look at our section dedicated to DeWalt Special Offers, which is regularly updated.

An example of what you can find is the DeWalt Mitre Saw DWS780-QS: this tool provides the user with outstanding cutting performance and increased productivity thanks to its XPS tracking system for a perfect blade alignment and its amazing power output. Another great chance to upgrade your assortment of tools is the DeWalt multi tool DWE315KT-QS kit, which includes an oscillating multi-tool with quick release system and a wide range of accessories.

Within our special offers you can find not only power tools, but also trolleys, organizers and workshop equipment. For example, discover the well-known DeWalt tool sets and kits: exclusive assortments of several tools at special prices, which will allow you to renew your tools assortment with efficient and quality products.

Moreover, we would recommend the Dewalt Drill Driver DCD996P2-QW, which includes three speed metal transmission for incredible runtime, and the Dewalt Jigsaw 18V DCS335NT-XJ, provided with a powerful BRUSHLESS motor.  

Continue to navigate this section to know more about our DeWalt super offers and special promotions. If you are interested in purchasing large quantities of products, then contact one of our sales representatives for a personalized quote

Mister Worker™ is an Official DeWalt Tools Reseller and provides Official Warranty

As pointed out before, Mister Worker™ is a worldwide official reseller of the entire range of DeWalt tools, storage solutions and accessories. You can get the official Dewalt catalog through one just click! If  you have questions or would like to require further information we strongly recommend you to contact our customer service team. Our experts are ready to answer to all your questions and provide you with pre-sale technical assistance as well as after-sale customer service. 

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