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DEWALT Power Tools | Mister Worker™

Welcome on Mister Worker™, the online shop selling DeWalt professional power tools, where you can find the full range of DeWalt products at competitive prices and with the convenience of a quick delivery to the address you prefer.

DEWALT Power Tools

Since, in 1922, Raymond E. DeWalt perfected the first existing model of professional radial squaring machine, the company's commitment in the search for innovative technical and professional solutions has always been constant. Despite the changes in society, the philosophy that moved the founder, based on the desire for innovation and on the will to satisfy the real needs of the end user, has remained intact. From the first projects of Wonder-Working, a universal professional woodworking machine, to the most recent introduction of the innovative XR lithium ion battery technology, DeWalt guarantees optimal solutions for the construction industry, designed to significantly improve the quality of the work. And Mr. Worker™ decided to become official DeWalt reseller, a brand which represents a synonym of reliability, precision and robustness in the global market. Thanks to the great experience and the continuous investments in research and development, DeWalt guarantees high quality standards both in terms of professional results and in terms of safety, health protection and management of environmental problems.

In 2007 the Perform & Protect DeWalt system was born, designed for the production of professional tools with the most advanced safety systems in the world of professional power tools for construction. In particular, this system includes products that best meet the key safety points: vibration, dust and control. For example, DeWalt drills and saws are professional power tools equipped with ergonomic and non-rigid handles, precisely designed to reduce the fatigue and vibrations of the hand-arm system. All DeWalt professional power tools available on Mister Worker™, as milling machines, circular saws, cutting machines an so on, are equipped with electronic speed control systems, safety locks, progressive drive and shaft lock to lock the drive shaft a few moments after switching off.

Today DeWalt is the number one brand in North America to produce professional power tools, as well as being the professional company with the highest growth rate in the last 5 years! Designed and engineered to guarantee professional performance, DeWalt products are also ideal for enthusiasts and to satisfy even small and large domestic needs.

On Mister Worker™ you can find the entire DeWalt catalog

Our entire range of DeWalt professional power tools is available on our website, with a vast selection of wire and battery-powered tools, such as electric screwdrivers, drills and demolition hammers. But we also have universal saws, wood and metal saws, grinders, nailers and professional power tools for measuring spaces and temperatures. All this accompanied by an unbeatable range of accessories, assortments and DeWalt spare parts dedicated as tips, blades, sleeves, clamps, guides, replacement spindles, trestles and supports, nails, brads, abrasive materials and batteries.

DeWalt XR Flexvolt Power Tools: the freedom of cordless, the power of wire

Discover the revolution in DeWalt's work and construction equipment: the new XR lithium-ion technology allows you to have the same power as a corded power tool in a battery-powered tool. That's right, these new De Walt cordless power tools have a voltage of 54V and allow performance never seen for a cordless tool. In addition, the 18V-54V variable voltage batteries that can adapt to 18V battery tools are also part of the XR Flexvolt DeWalt line.

Discover all DeWalt new professional products and offers on Mister Worker™

On our site you will find new professional power tools and offers on the entire DeWALT catalog, with discounts of over 35%. Discover our DeWalt kits too: we have a large number of combined power tool sets at special prices, to help you renew your tools with efficient and quality products. Check periodically the Special Offers section of the site to discover our opportunities and buy drills, saws, milling machines, miter saws and all De Walt professional power tools and enrich your work equipment.

Why choosing DeWalt professional power tools?

DeWalt has always been careful to design equipment that combines power and maximum convenience of use: the entire range of DeWalt battery powered tools available on Mr. Worker™ is designed to ensure maximum battery life and noise reduction through innovative brushless motors, ie without brushes. XR Lithium DeWALT batteries and cartridges are equipped with bluetooth connections, for the constant control of time and charge levels, and USB ports for connection with mobile devices. Screwdrivers and saws are equipped with several adjustable LED lights for maximum visibility of the screws and cutting points. The DeWalt radial miter saws integrated the innovative XRS blade tracking system, which projects the cutting line directly onto the work piece.

DeWalt uses very high-strength materials for its cutting and drilling accessories, so as to guarantee excellent durability of drills, blades, cores for coring and sanding discs for sanding machines. Saw blades have teeth with particular geometrical structures to keep the sharpening and the inserts for screwing for a long time, as well as a flexible torsion zone able to absorb any torsion peaks, they are covered with diamond to maximize the duration even in case of disadvantages such as slipping on the head or stripping of the screw.

All Mister Worker™ professional power tools are covered by the official DeWalt Warranty

Mr. Worker™ offers the complete range of De Walt professional power tools, all covered by official guarantee. If the product is faulty or malfunctioning, simply contact us to replace the defective parts or the entire product free of charge. Buy corded and battery-powered tools, cutting-off machines, drills, screwdrivers and DeWalt spare parts: for any problem or problem send us an e-mail to and our customer service will take care of your request and the eventual replacement of the product.

Mister Worker™ is the work equipment e-commerce where you can buy DeWalt professional products simply and safely: each item has a technical data sheet, images and video tutorials with which we offer you suggestions on how to get the best out of your tools. And do not forget to follow our blog!