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TESA Professional Tapes | Mister Worker™

If you are looking for professional TESA professional adhesive tapes online, Mister Worker™ is the right shop! Tesa is the European leader in the field of self-adhesive products and systems, as well as one of the largest producers of professional adhesive tapes in the world. On our site you can find more than 300 items ready for delivery can be purchased with a click from the comfort of your home or directly from your workshop, and you will receive them as quickly as possible to your preferred address.

TESA Professional Tapes

Since 1941 Tesa, a division of the Beiersdorf AG Group based in Hamburg, has been the "umbrella brand" used for all self-adhesive articles produced by the German multinational. In 2001 Tesa SE was founded, thus marking an important step in the independence of this brand. Unlike 3M, its historical competitor, the story of Tesa is the story of a success that has its origin in an error. In 1890 a pharmacist, dr. Oscar Troplowitz, working on an adhesive bandage, noticed that while adhering perfectly to the skin, it proved irritating and therefore unsuitable for application to wounds. Six years later, Troplowitz launched the first technical adhesive tape, dedicated to repairing bicycle tires. This was the forerunner of the Tesafilm rubber band.

Today, Tesa produces professional systems and solutions for industry, professionals, artisans, but also for all consumers. Experience, quality and innovation are the basis of the success of the brand, having come to design and develop about 6,500 different products.

With Mister Worker™ you are just a click away from the complete Tesa  professional catalog!

Tesa professional adhesive tapes have been designed to meet a variety of needs and work requirements, while maintaining high quality standards. On Mr. Worker™ you will find professional adhesive tapes of various types: anti-slip tapes specific for steps and critical surfaces, to avoid falls and slips; fireproof aluminum tapes, for repairs of metal surfaces and ideal for gutters and radiators; the famous high-strength PowerBond double-sided adhesive tape, perfect for mounting and fixing objects on walls and floors; self-sealing silicone and Teflon hydraulic tapes, ideal for hydraulic pipes and fittings; Tesapack tapes, for packing and sealing; the famous Tesaflex insulation tape for electricians, ideal for electrical insulation in harnesses; adhesive tapes for masking and surface protection, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use; tapes for signaling any danger areas and for marking critical floors or surfaces; and, last but not least, the extremely popular Extra Power Universal multipurpose canvas tape, made of hand-torn reinforced fabric.

But that is not all! Mister Worker™, our online tool shop, also has other Tesa products in the catalog: adhesive hooks multi-purpose hanger in metal and plastic, removable and reusable; adhesive Velcro strips, perfect for attaching objects that need to be attached and detached normally; mosquito nets for doors and windows; and finally, the very popular draft excluders, perfect to avoid the dispersion of heat in the home.

Have you seen any Tesa professional products that might interest you, but are not convinced about the purchase? Do you want advice on which product can best suit your needs? Do you need technical assistance for your order? Mr. Worker™ customer service is at your disposal: send an email to and we'll get back to you right away