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Awelco welders for sale on Mister Worker®

If you are in search of cutting-edge welders capable of delivering maximum performance, you have arrived at the perfect destination. Mister Worker® serves as the authorized distributor for Awelco, a prominent Italian brand renowned in the realm of professional welding machinery. With over 42 years of experience in the industry and an extensive range of products, this company has established a significant presence in the field of work equipment.

Enjoy the diversity of our product lineup, featuring different models of Awelco welders spanning the MMA, MIG, TIG, and PLASMA series. In addition, you can buy high-quality battery chargers and plenty of accessories.

Not only that: we proudly present the renowned Dewalt welders, plus the avant-garde Stanley and Caterpillar welding machines, setting a new standard in innovation and craftsmanship.

Awelco's Mission: Convenience and Innovation

The company has always used the latest technology and production methods in the manufacture of its welding machines. Its main commitment is to guarantee customers flawless products that meet their demands. In addition, the staff invests heavily in innovation, as well as technological research to provide innovative weldDoers, chargers, and machinery that meet the needs of their customers.

Experimentation and design are in the brand's DNA. This enables it to constantly expand its product range to meet the most specific needs of professionals. Awelco aspires to offer customized solutions designed with only the end user in mind.

The business’s commitment to realizing highly prestigious products, studying ever more effective solutions, as well as granting impeccable services makes it cherished by the most demanding professionals.

Awelco Welders and Chargers: Performance at your fingertips

Look no further. Mister Worker® is your trusted online retailer of the Awelco product catalog. Our site carries a wide assortment of impeccable quality items, including Awelco inverter welders, battery chargers or starters. Not only that. Our assortment includes the famous Dewalt welders, plus the groundbreaking Stanley welding machines, as well as the Caterpillar product line. All these tools boast modern design, innovative features, as well as outstanding performance. Product quality and authenticity are a priority for us. By choosing our store, you can shop with peace of mind.

Here are some of the most sought-after products of this well-known brand sold on our site:

  • Awelco AutoMIG 130 welding machine: this is an ideal solution for Flux (NO GAS) flux-cored wire welding in the household. Easy to use, it operates on a 230V AC power supply at 2.6kW maximum. With no gas cylinder, it is perfect for outdoor welding. Lightweight and handy, it includes pre-installed accessories.
  • Awelco EASYMIG 180 EURO welding machine: suitable for MMA, MIG/MAG, FLUX as well as TIG welding. It requires a specific 230 V DC power supply with variable maximum amperes: 4.6kW(MMA)/4.1kW(MIG/MAG)/2.8kW(TIG). In addition, its intuitive design, highly ergonomic carrying handle, plus its ventilation function make the welder incredibly practical.
  • Stanley Star 8000 welding machine: it combines remarkable performance with ease of use, making it ideal for demanding hobbyists. Compact, lightweight and reliable, this model comes with features such as "HOT START" for easier starting, or "ANTI-STICKING" to prevent sticking of the electrode.

These are just some of the most popular models for sale in our shop. Don't stop there. Keep exploring the Awelco catalog to learn more. Our vast range includes equipment like Dewalt welding helmets, outstanding Stanley inverter welding machines, and many accessories.