ANNOVI REVERBERI Industrial pumps

Annovi Reverberi industrial pumps are professional tools compact and silent, but at the same time powerful and reliable, perfect for a professional intensive use. On Mister Worker® you can find a selection of the best piston pumps available on the market.

Annovi Reverberi piston pumps can be used with different accessories or combined with hydraulic, petrol or electric motors: they have the particularity of being compact and silent, but highly powerful and reliable, with ceramic pistons that need a minimum maintenance. These are volumetric operating machines useful for moving a fluid inside a system or a hydraulic system: the double seal closing system is designed to prevent the fluid from escaping from the pump, thus ensuring an optimal result in every situation. In addition, the pump shaft is made of high-strength stainless steel, to make the machine last long.

On Mister Worker® you can find Annovi Reverberi industrial pumps series 228 and series 194 available for immediate delivery: all equipped with a complex piston rod-crank system, that allows you to work perfectly with minimum effort and obtain excellent results in a short time, they also have a double seal sealing system for maximum safety. The pistons are made of ceramic or bronze, depending on the model, while the engine is always electric with induction.

In the catalog of Mister Worker®, the online store of professional work equipment, you can find numerous Annovi Reverberi industrial pumps, all covered by the manufacturer's official warranty.