Air tools are simple and very convenient to use, because compressed air facilitates work and eliminates fatigue. Whether you need a pneumatic hammer, a pneumatic screwdriver or different models of air drills, maximum comfort is guaranteed.

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Usually, air tools are lighter than wire or battery models, while still guaranteeing equal or superior performance: moreover, their mechanical components are less prone to failure, making them an excellent choice for anyone who has to use daily tools such as drills , screwdrivers or hammers. The first tool that comes to mind when talking about pneumatics is definitely the air hammer: it is a special demolition hammer used to demolish surfaces in stone, cement and other hard materials. The compressed air allows you to apply great force on the material to be demolished without getting too tired during use: this is why the pneumatic rolling pin is a very common tool among professionals working in the construction sector. When using a pneumatic hammer it is always useful to follow some safety rules, since it is a very dangerous tool for those who do not know how to use it correctly: you must always remember to protect your hands with special anti-vibration gloves, eyes with glasses specific and ears with headphones that protect from the high sound intensity emitted by the tool.

Other fairly common pneumatic tools are pneumatic drills, which guarantee excellent power and high resistance even for constant and prolonged use. The newer models are equipped with a keyless chuck, buttons for speed control and air discharge in the handle: even when using pneumatic drills it is always necessary to remember to protect the eyes, hands and ears.

In addition to the pneumatic hammer and the pneumatic drills, the air screwdriver is also very widespread: it is an electric tool with numerous inserts used to screw and unscrew screws and bolts of various shapes and sizes, equipped with a comfortable grip pistol and trigger start comfortable and easy to use. Since the pneumatic screwdriver allows you to screw or unscrew very quickly, during its use it is essential to keep a straight and correct position, to avoid screwing or unscrewing incorrectly: sometimes even a few millimeters of inclination can damage in a way irreversible screws and the surface on which they must be screwed. On the market there are ultra-compact models of pneumatic screwdrivers, with different power levels that can be adjusted according to the work to be performed and side bumpers that protect the engine from shocks.

Mister Worker® also has many other air tools, suitable for a multitude of different purposes: pneumatic sanding machines, air grinders, pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic saws and much more.