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Discover the Special Offers by 3M reserved for you by Mister Worker™: an accurate and dedicated selection by our experts in order to bring to you the best products with the most convenient price. Our advice for you is to check this section regularly: here you can find all 3M new products and best opportunities to boost your professional equipment with high quality abrasive discs.

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The Best Cutting, Cleaning and Grinding Discs by 3M

Each 3M professional tool in Special Offers is accurately selected by 3M catalogue of the year to guarantee the correct instrument at the best price to every professional from any industry.

Fibre Disc Cubitron™ II 982C Slotted

The Fibre Disc Cubitron™ II 982C is well suited for edge chamfering, bevelling and removing carbon steel welds. A new level of high-performance abrasive discs has been reached with product Cubitron II: because of the PSG (Precision Shape Grain), a triangular shaped grain electrostatically oriented into sharp peaks in order to maximize the cut. 3M research brought in the market a new excellent product.

Shaft Mounted Bristle Disc Scotch Brite™ BB ZS, Type C

Flexibility and comfortability with a competitive price for the best result: with the Shaft Mounted Bristle Disc Scotch Brite™ BB ZS, Type C, you can now work with a new level of quality, capable to guarantee a uniforme surface even in difficult areas to reach. More speed but with a high quality, which allows to optimize the process timing.

Cubitron™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Film Disc 775L

Here’s an example of an exceptional abrasive to remove materials: the Cubitron™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Film Disc 775L is extremely versatile and suited for many objects. If compared with paper disc, the Hookit has a better tear resistance thanks to the film disc. Hookit discs are often used when 3M Stikit discs may be too aggressive in the application: this happens because Hookit discs tend to leave finer finishes than adhesive backed discs.

Scotch Brite™ Hand Pad PRO

The Scotch Brite™ Hand Pad PRO is an aluminum oxide abrasive capable to cut with a higher speed and quality, and to guarantee a homogeneous and uniform surface. The performances are comparable to steel wool, but with a further advantage: Scotch-Brite 7447 PRO pads don’t rust after the usage and don’t generate fine metal splinters. The non-woven open-made material composition allows resistance to loads and also permits to be used in dry conditions, with water or with some solvents. An extremely multi-purpose pad, usable manually for precise control, with a block for manual bearings and resulting in a uniform finish, or with an in-line sander for large areas.

In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find 3M abrasive discs for cutting for all sorts of materials. If you need tools to cut different materials, Mister Worker™ is probably the place you have to be into: a large, curated choice of professional tools. All products available in the catalogue is shipped in 48 hours and is covered by warranty. Moreover, our customer service is available for you in case you have questions or request: just use the contact form and we’ll answer you as fast as we can!