In the Mister Worker® catalog, you can find various modular components to set up vans of all types: tool holders, hooks, shelves, cabinets... all the accessories needed to create a real mobile workshop.

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Mister Worker® offers a very wide range of modular components designed to set up vans. Each van equipment must be studied in detail, both to last a long time, and to optimize the space in the van. A well-organized van set-up drastically reduces the time needed to find the equipment and makes movements in the load compartment easier. Carefully choosing interior linings ensures maximum safety both when stationary and in motion: panels and floor plates designed specifically for commercial vehicles ensure that the van's transport compartment becomes a real workshop on wheels. All the components in the Mister Worker® catalog are made of high quality materials, and have passed a long series of crash tests and strict safety checks according to European standards.

The panels are specifically designed to strengthen the bodywork of the vans from damage and wear and to be sound-absorbing, while the vans platforms serve as a solid anchorage base to safely set up the vehicle. The new versions of these components allow a quick and easy assembly without drilling the van. Modules and shelving are made of steel that is resistant to several kilos of weight and are painted with specific products to limit oxidation over time. Chests of drawers, shelves, wardrobes, assortments of tools designed specifically for the dimensions of the modules, trays, hooks, lolly containers ... the assortment of items for van equipment is very broad to meet the needs of all types of professionals and to adapt to vans of different sizes.

Mister Worker® offers complete assistance on the design of the van equipment. By contacting us by e-mail you can display the characteristics of your commercial vehicle to be set up, requesting a personalized estimate for the necessary preparation. Our experts will be able to create an ad hoc project, organizing at best the spaces to make the van safe, secure and well organized.