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U-POWER Safety Shoes and Workwear

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Mister Worker™ is happy to inform you that it has once again enriched its extensive catalog by adding U-Power, the renowned Italian safety workwear manufacturer. On our online shop, professionals from the whole globe can find a wide variety of safety shoes and  boots, including the famous Redlion line or the popular Nero, Raptor or Carbon models, as well as trainers and workwear, sold at competitive prices. This brand is widely appreciated worldwide for the high comfort, the excellent fit, plus the practicality they offer. Take advantage of this opportunity: purchase what you need, in order to complete all your activities in complete safety. 

As an official distributor, Mister Worker™ only sells original, manufacturer-certified, high-quality U-Power safety products.

U-Power safety shoes UK and US: a long history of success

As the italian entrepreneur P.F.Uzzeni acquired the firm established by his father in 1950, the company (at that time known as Almar) was engaged in the production of sport shoes. Over the years, it gradually focused on the manufacturing of work boots and shoes, which became the company's cornerstone. At the end of 2005, Uzzeni founded U-Invest with a clear, precise aim: to produce, distribute and market safety shoes under the U-Power brand name. Since then, the business has immediately gained a leading position in the European market. 

In 2017, the brand launched the innovative Redlion collection, allowing the company to become the market leader in safety shoes and boots in Europe in 2019. In addition, the group decided to broaden its assortment by adding multiple workwear lines. Also this product series was a great success, thus pushing the firm to achieve the same leadership position obtained with safety footwear. 

Today, the superior quality, the strive to constant technological and design innovation of the products, their distinctive character, as well as the dedication to customer service, along with the capillary distribution through the European market, are what makes the brand successful. 

Why choose U-Power safety shoes and workwear?

The innovative approach in the design of safety shoes, boots as well as technical workwear, the constant research together with the fast response to market requirements are key factors through which the business keeps a strong grip on both distribution and up-selling.

In addition, the company also focuses on emphasizing creativity, combining it with the most advanced technologies along with cutting-edge materials, in order to give birth to solutions that provide protection and improve the working experience of customers. For example, the shoes are made of highly breathable fabrics, include innovative features, such as the AirToe® composite toe cap or the Save&Flex midsole.

Moreover, in the U-Power Group, the Research & Development department is a fundamental area to which an important part of investments is allocated. The main goal is to supply professionals with products able to satisfy their needs and guarantee the maximum safety, in order to improve their lives. The brand's product assortments (which, among other things, includes shoes of the Redlion, Nero, Brezza, Raptor or many other series) distinguishes itself from competitors for the top-quality of the raw materials, for the rigorous Italian design, their state-of-art technology plus functionality. 

Last but not least, the company has undertaken a journey in integrating sustainability concerns into its business model, which translates into concrete benefits for society. For the firm, in fact, protecting the environment is not only an ethical obligation but primarily a duty and a source of competitiveness, as well as distinction.

Check out the complete catalog: safety shoes, boots, workwear and more

On Mister Worker™ you can purchase the complete range of U-Power safety products at great prices. If you’re a professional looking for high-quality safety shoes  boots, trainers, sweaters, t-shirts or many other articles, our online shop is the right place for you.

For example, you will find the RAPTOR safety shoes (RL20376), included in the Redlion range. They are equipped with the aluminum AirToe® composite toe cap together with the Save&Flex midsole. In addition, they are highly breathable, ensure a prolonged protection of the foot, are lightweight, comfortable and created with high abrasion resistance upper in Putek PLUS®. Moreover, these RAPTOR safety shoes feature padded nylon bellows to guarantee long lasting comfort. 

Take a look also at the CARBON safety shoes (RR10364), with a natural nubuck leather upper as well as a high quality aluminum toe cap. Moreover, these CARBON shoes include a waterproof, puncture-, slip-resistant S3 SRC CI ESD sole, which makes them ideal for working in humid environments. 

Another product you should consider is the GREENLAND UK safety boots (RR10364), manufactured with an AirToe® Composite toe cap as well as a non-slip compact PU sole to provide protection along with complete stability. Perfectly suitable for extended use, these work boots meet the S3 SRC protection class and EU standard EN ISO 20345:2011

Regarding workwear, we recommend the MERCURY LADY shorts (FU196GF), created in breathable U-4 fabric. These shorts also have two broad front pockets, elasticated waist with an intelligent retractable adjustment mechanism. 

Last but not least, we would like to suggest you the FLUO T-shirt (EY195OF) in 100% flamed cotton. It features a superior-quality fabric with "slub cotton", obtained with threads of variable thickness, in order to make the T-Shirt extremely convenient and delicate on the skin.

Keep on browsing the complete catalog of workwear, safety shoes as well as boots, even the famous Brezza, Trophy and Lion models on our online shop: we are sure you will find the article that best suits your needs. 

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