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On Mister Worker® you can buy professional hands tool sets from the best brands: Facom, Stahlwille, Usag, Stanley and Kukko. It is easier to get the job done when you have high quality tools at hand. Shop a wide range of tool kits on our website, from small tool sets to complete assortments with 500+ tools, here you will find the equipment you need at the best price. We offer worldwide shipping and custom quotes.

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Buy High Quality Tool Sets of the Best Brands on Mister Worker®

From car repairs to electronics, from aviation to industrial maintenance, each industry requires the use of specific tools to work safely and complete a job correctly and efficiently. On Mister Worker® every professional can find the right set of tools for him, choosing from a wide range of assortments from the best brands.

On this page you will find assortments of professional tools from Usag, Facom, Stanley, Stahlwille and Kukko. In particular, the Mister Worker® tool sets catalog is organized by professional sector. Choose from aerospace, automotive, electronics, plumbing and find the assortment that best meets your professional needs.

For those who often have to transport their work equipment from one jobsite to the next, Mister Worker® offers tool sets organized in pouches, bags, and suitcases or in toolboxes with 3 or 5 compartments. On the other hand, for professionals who work in a workshop, Mister Worker® offers a wide selection of roller cabinets, chests and cabinets with assortments.

Buying a roller cabinet complete of tools can be an excellent decision, because it allows you to receive all the desired assortment in a short time and to have a tool cart already perfectly organized. It is the ideal solution for those who urgently need to replace old equipment or for those who are starting a new business and prefers to buy a well thought out and organized assortment of tools. These roller cabinets are more expensive, but they are full of professional equipment of the highest quality and perfect for those who have to set up their own workshop and need all the hand tools necessary to perform their work.

On Mister Worker® you can find a wide and varied range of tool sets. Each set has been organized and designed to fully satisfy those who purchase it. Individual modules with additional hand tools are also available to further complete the chosen tool assortment.