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Since its foundation in 1941, TESA produces and sells precision measuring instruments and systems and stands out on the market for its perfect combination of traditional mechanics and innovative design, establishing itself among the market leaders in the sector of dimensional metrology, with a strong brand of international prestige.

The classic hand-held instruments (calipers, internal and external micrometers, dial gauges, supports, etc.), are complemented by more sophisticated high precision measuring systems, such as height gauges, calibration devices or data processing software.

The manufacturer's products address all manufacturing activities and above all the following industrial sectors: mechanical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, micro-mechanical, watchmaking, medical, energy, mould making, etc.

Its portfolio reflects its current image: a company with solid roots in precision metrology, that has been able to follow the course of time with cutting-edge technologies. Today, just as yesterday, the brand's measuring instruments and solutions help customers around the world daily to find solutions to their metrology challenges and improve their quality control, while increasing their productivity.


Over the years, the company has become the home for many renowned brands such as Brown & Sharpe, COMPAC, MERCER, ROCH, ETALON and INTERAPID. All these brands have added a great value and have shaped the current identity of the products: a unique blend of high excellence metrological tools with a strong reputation for quality, reliability and durability.

On the one hand renowned flagship products, such as CCMA dial calipers, UNIMASTER large dimension universal gauge, TESATAST lever-type dial indicators, IMICRO internal micrometers and 1D electronic probes - just to name a few – have been a reference in several workshops for many decades and have contributed to forge the firm's reputation over nearly 80 years, making it the world leader of micro-metrology. On the other hand, the latest innovations presented with the evolution of digital communication are not to be outdone and encourage the development of the digital factory of the future.

The new products find their place right in this perspective of innovation: not only the recent wireless connectivity solutions (Link Connector - TLC) with various data processing software, which enable bidirectional communication between instruments and computers by transforming individual data into processable information, but also the whole range of height gauges, completely renewed, on which the business has always been the unquestioned world market leader. Thanks to their versatility and accuracy, the height gauges are in many cases an easy-to-use and cost-efficient alternative to coordinate measuring machines and can be used both in workshops and in laboratories.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to find out more about the brand's main innovations read our blog post about micrometers and discover how to use the brand's top products, such as UNIMASTER and TESA-HITE with the playlist dedicated to this brand available on Mister Worker’s Youtube channel!

Acquired in 2001 by the Swedish group Hexagon AB, the group is now an integral part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence division, a global leader in metrology and production solutions, and is a modern firm, with a worldwide distribution network operating in all the five continents.

The production site in Renens represents a unique blend of tradition, innovation and excellence and hosts a large Research and Development department, as well as the first SCS calibration laboratory accredited by SAS (Swiss Accreditation Service).

The R&D Department, the company's nerve centre, can count on highly qualified human and technological resources, which have allowed to develop innovative products with a unique design, the result of a perfect combination between High-Tech and Industrial Design.

Going beyond the boundaries of traditional measurement tasks, TESA sproducts perfectly integrate into the complete manufacturing solutions offered by Hexagon, through advanced connectivity systems and software interfaces. They allow a better use of data through integration with analytic systems like statistical process control (SPC) software and can help companies to embrace Industry 4.0 principles.


With its roots and headquarters in Renens, Switzerland, in a region representing the cradle of watchmaking and precision engineering, close to internationally renowned technical institutes, the company has always set as top priorities accuracy, quality and long-term reliability of its products, from design to final inspection certificate.

Its engineers are constantly committed to solving the equation of providing higher performance, together with greater ease of use and ergonomics.

The regular renewal of ISO 9001 accreditation attests the brand's scrupulous commitment to quality and is also the recognition of the merits of a company that, since its foundation, has distinguished itself for the constant search for excellence.

From their development phase, all products are submitted to strict internal standards, aligned with the most restrictive international standards. Most of the manufacturer's instruments are supplied with an inspection report or even with a free SCS calibration certificate, as in the case of height gauges, to guarantee their perfect conformity with the declared standards and technical data and the provisions of European Directives.


To provide an added value to its customers’ investments, the brand also pays great attention to pre and after-sales assistance, offering directly or through its partners several services such as calibrations, repairs, maintenance, technical support, training and product customization to meet the most varied market needs.