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Tellure Rôta: a guarantee of quality Made in Italy

Since 1953 Tellure Rôta has been designing and manufacturing wheels and castors for industrial, civil and domestic use

Today it's a qualified partner for over 2,000 customers in 70 countries thanks to its know-how in materials and technical solutions, its use of the most modern software for design and production and its flexible, expert customer service.

Manufacturing is done in the factories of Formigine, in the province of Modena in Northern Italy, filling the company's catalogue with more than 8,000 standard items and solutions customised according to customers' needs. The TRLab Test & Research laboratory is an accredited member of the High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna region.
The company's Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System has earned Quality (ISO 9001:2015), Environmental (ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001:2018) certifications. 

Tellure Rôta focuses a high level of attention on environmental and social aspects in order to ensure sustainable development, collaborating with local organisations and committing to maintaining a transparent relationship with stakeholders through its annual Sustainability Report.

Tellure Rota
Tellure Rota

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Why choose Tellure Rota

Moving solution: innovative design in every sector

Tellure Rôta offers a wide range of standard items designed to meet specific applications in different industrial and institutional environments. 

The catalogue features specific solutions for different types of applications:

- Wheels for industrial use for light loads: rubber and plastic solutions recommended for the manual handling of trolleys with total loads of up to 250 kg;
- Wheels for industrial use for medium loads: solutions in thermoplastic polyurethane, elastic rubber and polyamide for the manual handling of trolleys with total loads of up to 400 kg;
- Wheels for industrial use for heavy loads and mechanical handling: solutions in polyurethane TR, TR-Roll and Vulkollan® for heavy loads, intended for total loads higher than 500 kg, or for lower loading capacity trolleys, only in case they are not manually handled by operators but towed by mechanical equipment;
- High-temperature wheels: specific solutions in different materials for use in ovens and autoclaves;
Pallet truck rollers;
Wheels for use in canteens, shops and other public areas;
Wheels for furniture and chairs.

The development of new products is done with attention to the needs of ergonomics, comfort in handling, resistance to different environments and conditions of use. If you would like to learn more about Tellure Rota wheels and cart castors for industrial, civil and domestic applications, check out the playlist of Tellure Rota videos available on Mister Worker’s YouTube channel.

In coordination with the researchers of TRLab - Test & Research, the designers of Tellure Rôta's technical service design the dimensional and performance characteristics of the products to meet the needs of the market, developing and analysing new solutions using innovative design software, Finite Element Analysis and software that simulates the behaviour of wheels and castors. The prototypes of the new products are then tested in the field before they are finally placed on the market.

For customers with specific handling needs, products are developed with personalised sizes, materials and performance.

Tellure Rôta TR Lab Test&Research: where research becomes solutions 

To guarantee excellent projects for its customers, Tellure Rôta has chosen to distinguish and complement its production departments with TR Lab Test & Research, an independent research laboratory accredited since 2011. Being part of a network of excellence allows the laboratory to constantly update and expand its knowledge to ensure and offer customers projects that are always innovative

The laboratory guarantees the necessary skills to develop and test new solutions for materials, products and construction and process technologies. Indeed, the lab identifies, develops and characterises polyurethane compounds and thermoplastic materials that are able to meet the specific needs of wheel applications at the right quality/price ratio. All materials and treatments chosen have a low environmental impact and comply with RoHS and Reach directives. TR Lab also studies components in metallic materials to produce castors with optimised performance even in case of heavy use, even experimenting with surface treatments that resist external chemical agents.

Production: technology that looks to the future

Tellure Rôta manufactures its products in-house using seasoned expertise, cutting-edge technology and modern software. Manufacturing is carried out in three factories with 15,000 square metres of indoor space, and is monitored at every stage of production to ensure product quality. 

Production processes are organised based on the principles of Lean production in order to respond flexibly to customers' requests, remaining reliable in its service and speed of delivery.