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The Mister Worker™ catalogue includes Stella Welding Alloys: an Italian manufacturer with a long experience in the area of alloys and fluxes. For over twenty years this brand, which represents the entire Made in Italy quality, has been producing solutions for strong brazing, soft brazing and welding applications.

Stella Welding Alloys: from the Italian production to the worldwide sales

Starting from its headquarters in northern Italy Stella Welding Alloys has become a brand of international status, chosen by customers in over 60 countries around the world. Over twenty years of experience is reflected in the high quality of the products made today that are used for many applications: refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems, thermo-hydraulic, electromechanical and tubular constructions, chandeliers and lighting systems, solar panels, measuring and regulating instruments, diamond and carbide tools.
The high quality of Stella Welding Alloys is expressed by the brazing alloys and the welding solutions, produced according to an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system since 1998.

Solutions for strong and soft brazing

Italian products, made with craftsmanship: Stella Welding Alloys provides solutions for brazing which include, among others, bare and coated rods, wire in coil and on spools, rings, plates, discs, washers, pieces, arches, preforms, pastes, powders and fluxes, for flame brazing, induction brazing or brazing in the oven. Brazing consists of a type of intervention with ancient origins, carried out over thousands of years: summarizing, brazing allows the joining of two or more metal parts through a filler metal. The metal in this case must have a lower melting temperature than the parts to be joined, which must not reach the fusion point.
More information on brazing can be found on our blog. Stella Welding Alloys solutions for brazing include fluxes, silver based alloys for special applications and cadmium-free silver based alloys, aluminium and zinc-aluminium alloys, copper-phosphorus alloys and other products in the brand categories on Mister Worker™.

Welding Solutions

Aluminium-Magnesium alloys, copper alloys, brasses: Stella Welding Alloys offers a professional range of welding solutions. Welding is defined as the joining of two parts through their fusion: to be precise, we speak of autogenous welding (it differs from brazing, also called heterogeneous welding, because it does not use an external filler metal). Welding can be carried out between various materials, but the typical one is between metals: this intervention creates a permanent union and continuity of materials. The Stella Welding Alloys catalogue on Mister Worker™ includes various materials for welding, from Aluminium-Magnesium alloys to copper alloys.

Mister Worker™: sales and quotes for Stella Welding Alloys products

On Mister Worker™ you can find the complete catalogue of Stella Welding Alloys, from welding to brazing, for applications from thermo-hydraulic to tubular solutions up to heating, refrigeration and lighting systems. We know how to advise you with our technical consultants and we have an excellent customer service. You can purchase directly on the website or contact us to ask for a quote tailored to your needs: our service ships anywhere in the world and supplies some of the largest companies and factories in the world.