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Combination spanners, ring spanners, adjustable wrenches, angled socket wrenches, open wrenches: the variety of Stanley’s wrenches is really wide. If you’re seeking new wrenches you’re in the right place!

Wrenches are essential tools for both professionals and domestic users that need to apply torque to turn or tighten nuts and bolts. Professionals choose Stanley wrenches again and again for their high-quality, endurance and outstanding performance in any situation; moreover, they’re all fully certified to ISO and ANSI standards.

Within this category of our website, for example, you can find amazing sets of combination spanners, fundamental for fastening and loosening nuts or bolt heads with hexagonal shape. A good example is the module of 12 combination ratchet wrenches.
Another set that should be mentioned is the set of 10 angled open-socket wrenches, professional and durable wrenches that provide increased torque and longer service life. The angled design makes it possible to reach bolts and nuts in inconvenient positions.

All Stanley tools that you can buy here on Mister Worker™ come with the official warranty of the manufacturer. If you have questions or you would like to receive more detailed information about any of the products included in this category do not hesitate to contact us!