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Check out the entire catalogue of Stanley’s hand sockets and drivers: you will surely find the perfect ratchet, socket wrench, accessory or tool set for your professional needs!

Ratchets and sockets wrenches are very useful hand tools for every professional, because they allow to tighten and loosen quickly and easily on nuts and bolts of various sizes also in confined spaces. They are instruments designed to withstand intensive use and wear, and to ensure maximum performance with minimum effort.

Within the category of Stanley Ratchets you can find 1/2", 1/4” and 3/8” ratchets. If you’re looking for a self adjustable ratchet instead, have a look at the 4-87-988: a perfect tool for fast screwing, available in 3 different dimensions.

As you all know, a socket is a metal cylinder which you attach to the ratchet wrench. Within our catalogue, you can find sockets in varying sizes and you can buy them in sets, so that you will always have the perfect socket to match a nut or bolt of a particular size. Check out Stanley’s socket and ratchet toolsets, that include everything you need: ratchet, sockets in different sizes, extensions and so on. In particular if you’re looking for a set that combines shallow sockets, perfect for working in tight spaces, deep sockets, perfect for complex jobs, the perfect set for you is the Set of 42 Pieces for FATMAX® 1/4" Socket wrench.
Moreover, you can find a wide range of socket wrench accessories such as drive adaptors, sliding panels, extensions and socket holders sold separately.