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There are many professional situations in which special tools must be used, which are specific for a certain use: it is the case of anti-spark tools, fluorescent tools and aviation tools. On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide range of these special tools, all sold with a regular safety certificate.

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When working in the aeronautics field it is essential to have special tools, specific to perform even the most delicate jobs. On Mister Worker™ you can find screwdrivers, allen screws, inserts, operating keys, ratchets and bushings, tool holders, pliers and nippers, lamps and torque tools for aeronautics. They are all certified professional tools, designed specifically to carry out precise work and without the slightest mistake.

But aeronautics is not the only field where you have to work with special tools. When working in environments with a high risk of explosion, such as oil rigs, only explosion-proof tools are required in your toolbox. These are professional instruments composed of a special copper-beryllium alloy, anti magnetic and deflagrating, which in case of accidental fall create cold sparks, which do not cause problems of fire or explosion even in high-risk situations. In the catalog of Mr. Worker™, numerous Facom anti-spark tools are available for prompt delivery: screwdrivers, allen keys, operating keys, ratchets, bushes, pipe wrenches, files and saws, hammers and chisels, pliers and nippers.

Finally, there is a third category of special tools useful in many professional situations: these are fluorescent tools, designed to be visible even in the dark. They are the ideal work equipment for those who often work in low light environments or in completely dark areas, because they allow you to work in complete tranquility, without the worry of losing the tools while working. The catalog includes various fluorescent tools: screwdrivers, compasses, operating keys, ratchets and bushes, flexometers and thickness gauges, scissors, hammers and pliers. Whatever your profession, if you have to work in the dark, on Mister Worker™ you will find the tools you need!

All the special tools in the catalog of Mr. Worker™ pass strict safety tests and quality controls before being placed on the market: we choose only the best, to give you the opportunity to enrich your work equipment with highly professional and safe tools, that allow you to perform even the most delicate jobs in complete tranquility. If you want to know more, send an email to [email protected] or call us at +39 02 9143 3257!