ROTHENBERGER Pliers and pipe wrenches

Do you want to purchase the most advanced Rothenberger pipe wrenches and water pump pliers? Then, don’t search further. From adjustable models to strap wrenches, Mister Worker® will provide the best solution for your needs!

Reach new peaks of excellence with Rothenberger pipe wrenches

When it comes to the world of plumbing and heating, Rothenberger is a name that echoes with trust and excellence. Its range of pipe wrenches testifies to the company's commitment to providing professionals with the tools they need to achieve the best results.

Heavy-duty Rothenberger pipe grips are the embodiment of strength and durability. They are made with a sturdy one-piece construction. Besides, these wrenches have an easy-to-grip hardened adjusting nut, plus replaceable hook and heel jaws. These features ensure a long life for the tools so that you can use them for several years. Then, the spring-loaded self-locking jaw makes them easy to use with one hand. In the meantime, the marked scale on the hook allows for quick changes to various pipe sizes.

For those looking to lighten their load without compromising on quality, the Rothenberger pipe wrench in aluminum is the answer. It is equipped with a high-strength cast aluminum body, reducing its weight by a remarkable 40%.

In the tightest spaces, the Rothenberger 90° offset aluminum pipe wrench is the ultimate solution. Its extra-strong aluminum structure is light. This makes the tool ideal for confined working spaces. Then, the tempered, forged jaws with induction-hardened contra-directional teeth allow for precise action. Like its counterparts, it boasts a scratch-proof epoxy powder coating. These Rothenberger pipe wrenches are not just tools. They're trusty companions for professionals, built to make their tasks easier and more efficient. Like the brand’s pipe cutters, vises, or wrenches, pipe wrenches by Rothenberger will improve your work!

Do you need a practical solution for screwing or fixing large plastic pipes? The Rothenberger strap wrench is for you. Its unique high-grip nylon band assures a secure grip on the pipe. This tool effectively protects the pipe surface with its centric prism support. This feature ensures no damage to the working areas.

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Rothenberger Water Pump Pliers: performance guaranteed

The brand’s legacy of excellence extends to its water pump pliers. These items have earned their reputation in the plumbing sector for outstanding performance. Crafted from premium-grade materials, Rothenberger water pump pliers are versatile and reliable.

The 70523 water pump pliers SP is a prime example of the brand's dedication to perfection. This model has high-quality self-gripping jaws. Thus ensuring a strong grip even on smooth pipes. Moreover, the long, slim head allows access to hard-to-reach places. What sets this model apart is the induction-hardened jaws, guaranteeing longevity even under heavy use. With its seven opening positions, it adapts to a wide variety of applications.

Rothenberger pump pliers are more than tools. They are an embodiment of excellence. They offer the ideal balance between performance and durability.

Explore our extensive range of Rothenberger water pump pliers and pipe wrenches. At Mister Worker®, we understand the importance of reliable tools for your profession. That's why we bring you the best from Rothenberger.

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