If you daily work with liquids and fluids, included diesel fuel or AdBlue fluids, you need to have specific professional pumpsin your work equipment. Here you can find several models, divided according to the functioning of the engine and the fluid to be treated.

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Electric pumps are machines powered by an electric motor and used to handle fluids of various kinds. To choose the electric pump that best suits your professional needs, you have to consider two main features: the flow rate, that is the amount of fluid that the pump can move in a certain time, and the prevalence, which is the maximum difference in height a fluid is able to overcome thanks to the pump. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the viscosity and density of the fluids tyou have to drain: in fact, not all the pumps are suitable for all liquids.

Here you can find piston pumps for liquids and fluids, ideal for most medium viscosity substances, but not for corrosive or excessively acidic ones; electric pumps for AdBlue, specific for AdBlue fluids, which require special treatment because they could easily corrode many materials; electric pumps for diesel oil, which must be sucked up and pumped with specific machinery; double diaphragm air-operated pumps, capable of draining also highly acidic and corrosive fluids and therefore perfect for vacuuming almost any type of fluid; air-operated pumps for oil and grease, ideal for those who work in a mechanical workshop and need compact tools to perform oil filling and oil change jobs.

In addition to this range of electric pumps, air-operated pumps, double diaphragm pumps and piston pumps, you can also find a selection of accessories: pipe fittings, digital turbine flow meters, nozzles, mechanical volumetric flow meters, adapters, wall fixing brackets and much more.