Investing in a high-quality power tool means working with safety and precision. In the Mister Worker® catalog there are numerous power tools suitable for different professional needs: sanding machines, drills, screwdrivers, demolition hammers. Everything a professional needs is available in our catalog.

Best Sellers

In the Mister Worker® catalog there is a wide selection of professional power tools and spare parts for power tools, all covered by an official warranty of three years: a series of powerful and very high-performance power tools designed to last over time. The range of cordless power tools is among the best-known and best known, both for performance and convenience at the workplace. In our catalog there is the only battery in the world capable of switching from 54V to 18V: it is a DEWALT patent, and it is a battery able to adapt to all 18V power tools in the catalog. Buying a high-quality power tool means enriching your work equipment with a reliable product that lasts over the years: a small investment worth making to increase performance on the field.

Batteries for screwdrivers, demolition hammers, cut-off machines, sanding machines: in our catalog of power tools online, every professional can find what you are looking for. Among the electric tools preferred by our customers there are certainly drills and cordless screwdrivers, loyal allies especially for those who work in the building field. A high quality drill, can drastically improve the results of your work. Mister Worker® offers a wide range of cordless or cordless drills and screwdrivers: easy to handle and highly performing, they are high-performance power tools ideal for those who need a professional tool able to resist wear and intensive use. A perfect example of an electric tool that combines quality and resistance is the DEWALT DCD991P2 18V 5Ah drill driver: equipped with three speeds and LED light, it is perfect both for simple and light work, and for more complex operations to be carried out in low light situations. Another powerful tool designed specifically for screwing and heavier drilling is the DEWALT DCD995P2 18V 5Ah percussion drill: the new electronic clutch with which it is equipped allows optimal control even in demanding situations, while the self-locking spindle with shaft lock allows to change the tip easily and quickly, even with just one hand.

Another category of power tools much appreciated by professionals is that of grinders, especially in the angular model: they are portable power tools with disks of various materials, used to level stone surfaces, to cut and file wood, or to polish metal . The 125mm DEWALT DWE4277 angle grinder has 1500W of power and overload protection, which automatically reduces power in the event of overheating: this gives the tool a longer life and more safety for the user.

To meet all the professionals who want to renovate their workstations, Mister Worker® offers interesting power tool promotions every month, giving everyone the opportunity to purchase high-quality online power tools at an advantageous price.