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Mister Worker™ is pleased to inform you that it has broadened its vast assortment by adding New Pig, the American manufacturer of articles for sponging up spills. From water absorbent to oil absorbent mats, from spill kits to wipers, from drain protection and stormwater management devices to absorbent socks, professionals across the globe can purchase on our online store everything they need to keep their spaces clean.

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New Pig: the world's best stuff for leaks, drips and spills

The company was formed in 1985 in Tipton, Pennsylvania, where it still operates today. Back then, the founders, who were already running an industrial cleaning firm, were strongly aware of all problems related to leakage. They were therefore willing to provide innovative and effective solutions. So, one day, they decided to fill a pair of tights with a wide variety of materials (for example sawdust or rice hulls). This is how they developed the first PIG Original Sock and made a breakthrough to the entire world of absorbent products.

Another reason why New Pig, at that time, was considered as a revolutionary business is represented by their non-ordinary marketing campaigns, the cartoon pig mascots, together with their coloured catalogues. Still nowadays, its keenness to bring a bit of fun into its production is what makes the company appreciated by customers throughout the world. 

Today, New Pig boasts offices in Europe, UK, China and India, as well as partnerships with resellers and distributors worldwide. Moreover, the firm sells its articles, like water absorbent pads, socks, or spill kits, in more than 100 countries.

Why choose New Pig?

Since the beginning, New Pig has desired to combine outstanding quality with fun and positive vibes, in order to cheer up everyday work. Indeed, the firm claims “it's our job to help take some of the worry out of your workday”.

The brand is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of absorbent products and its goal is to provide professionals with the finest solutions, which are results of modern technologies together with a complete dedication to ensure the best performances. 

Furthermore, the company not only offers wares of impeccable quality, resulting from a multi-year experience in absorbing leaks and containing spills, but also offers its customers customised solutions, with the intent to meet different needs.

Explore the New Pig Absorbent Products Catalogue

Mister Worker™ is the online store that makes a wide range of New Pig absorbent, spill control and safety products available. Take a look at the best water and oil absorbent mats, wipers, spill kits, drain protection as well as stormwater management articles. 

Among the best-selling products you can find the MAT240: it consists of 100 pads in a dispenser box. These mats catch the most common industrial liquids, such as oils, water, solvents and more. Each pad is made of multiple layers of 100% propylene, thermally bonded to give maximum resistance. Thanks to their highly-absorbent, fine-fiber structure, these mats leave no liquid or fibre residue. Moreover, the intelligent dispenser box helps you to take, carry or store your mats while protecting them from dirt. 

Take a look at the 4048 PIG® blue absorbent sock, perfect for the containment of liquids. This product features a vermiculite-filling that prevents the diffusion of spills, together with an extremely thick structure that adheres to the floor and stays in place while containing spills. Furthermore, you do not need to change the product after use, as this New Pig absorbent sock can be easily air-dried for reutilization.

Another successful article is without any doubt the PLR403 DrainBlocker® drain cover, ideal for recurrent use. Thanks to its tear-resistant watertight design, this item stops spills from going down. Moreover, it can withstand prolonged outdoor use, exposure to diesel fuel and gasoline. The innovative DuPont Elvaloy technology gives enhanced flexibility plus high resistivity against chemical, UV, plus infrared light. 

Regarding spill kits, we would like to suggest you the KIT262. This set includes PIG Blue Socks for preventing the diffusion of spills; PIG Mat and Pillows for guaranteeing a full absorbing experience as well as wipers for cleaning surfaces or hands. 

Last but not least, discover the DRM659 latching drum lid. The lid can be easily opened and closed with one hand for quick access. Moreover, it has an intelligent locking mechanism that prevents vapour emissions, so that the contents are always dry. Furthermore, the product features a chemical-resistant powder coat that ensures a longer durability. Lockable latch helps block unauthorised access.

If you want to know more about the assortment of New Pig spill kits and absorbent products, we invite you to download the official catalogue in PDF-format.

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As an official and authorised online distributor, Mister Worker™ offers original products and ships them in over 180 countries. This means that you can easily receive New Pig water absorbent pads, spill kits as well as socks  in the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Australia or Singapore, even in large quantities if necessary, by requesting a custom quote.

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