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METRICA Professional Measuring Tools

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Metrica is a well-known brand specialized in the production of professional measuring tools, both traditional and innovative: not only angled gauges and instruments for length measures, but also laser measuring tools and levels. To discover more details about these measuring tools, visit our YouTube channel, where you can find a playlist dedicated to Metrica, including interesting videos about some of its top-products.

A bit of history

Measuring is written in the DNA of Metrica. Its activity began in 1949 with the production of meters and calipers. Then Metrica expanded both its product range and its international commercial development.

Today, Metrica produces professional measuring instruments for any "size" in the mechanical, construction and tooling sectors. The search for precision in measurement has been a fundamental value of Metrica since its foundation. In fact, the Metrica Technical Staff has developed numerous patents, establishing itself on the market as a reference point in the measurement and control sector.

Metrica: Made to Measure

Today Metrica is present on a global level and it supplies the largest companies in the Italian and international measurement sector. Furthermore, it is represented in over 30 countries through a widespread network of agents and distributors, with a range of products able to satisfy all measurement needs. Offering over 1600 items in its catalog, Metrica provides a complete and wide range of products necessary for linear measurement, tracing and marking. Moreover, the important collaboration with FLIR, a multinational company leader in the thermography sector, has allowed Metrica to expand its range of high-level products, entering the thermal imaging market with innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Metrica offers a 360-degree service: logistics with fast shipping, a custom service dedicated to customers who want to sell under their own label and a design office available for customer's products. Almost all products are in stock because “if Metrica doesn’t have it, no one does!”.
Metrica operates with the flexibility and the speed of a company with a human face, it wants to establish consolidated collaborative relationships with its customers. In fact, for seventy years Metrica's main goal has been to develop products that well serve its customers: it constantly innovates its tools, because it wants to make measuring easier, faster and more precise.

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Metrica catalogue offers a range of over 1600 items including professional tools for length measures and mechanical measurements and a wide range of professional products for cuttingtracing and marking and levelsSelf leveling lasers and laser distance meters are among the flagship products of the Metrica catalog as they are new in the world of measurement: measuring is now precise, simple and effortless. Noteworthy is the Metrica Double Laser, a distance meter equipped with two lasers that instantaneously measures the sum of the two lasers.

In the sector of traditional measuring instruments, Telefix (telescopic gauges up to 10m) and Quadranfix (angle gauges for construction) have made Metrica a reference point for measurement and control. The latest innovations, such as tape rules with fixed magnets, levels with an invisible magnet incorporated and folding rules with an exclusive end hook, represent the beating heart of Metrica.

Metrica is constantly researching to innovate and design new products that are different from those already available on the market, supporting workers in their daily tasks. Metrica always keeps a high focus on details.

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For example, we recommend the Self-levelling rotating laser 60719BM with a scanner function to achieve a more visible and shorter line and a TILT function so that the beam stops the rotation and flashes when the device is moved. Another flagship product is the new Double Laser 50, a particularly accurate laser distance meter unique in its kind, since it has a front and a back laser.

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