Level, gauge, thickness gauge, laser level, laser meter, flexometer ... there are many measuring instruments available in the Mister Worker® catalog, all indispensable for taking accurate measurements and carrying out perfect jobs right down to the smallest detail.

Best Sellers

One of the most sold and appreciated measuring instruments of the Mister Worker® catalog is the level, whether it is a digital level, a spirit level or a laser level: it is a very high precision instrument, resistant and practical to use. The spirit level is the classic model, the best known, present in almost all houses: it is a plywood with embedded glass vials containing liquid; in this liquid there is an air bubble, which serves to understand if the level is straight or not. The digital level is very similar to a spirit level, but in addition has an LCD screen on which appear the measurements taken, which can also be stored for subsequent jobs: there are different sizes with different functions, depending on the use that it must be done. The laser level is the newest and most technologic model, useful for all those professionals who have to carry out precision work: rotary, multilinee and multi-point laser levels are available ... but the most sold is certainly the self-leveling laser level, a model that has now supplanted the manual laser level. The self-leveling laser level automatically aligns the two X and Y axes, so as to take precise measurements to the millimeter.

In the laser range, a cutting-edge precision instrument is the laser meter, also called a laser meter. The latest models of laser meters allow you to view measurements directly in the plan, they are comfortable and practical to carry with you and can be used easily to take single or continuous measurements.

In the range of measuring instruments we can not fail to mention the caliber, a precision instrument used for generations. The gauges can measure the external dimensions of an object, but also the internal dimensions and the distance between two levels of an object. The measurements should be read on a millimeter part engraved on the fixed part of the gauge, very precise even for small measurements. Also used in the mechanical industry is the thickness gauge, a gauge specifically designed to measure thickness: the classic sheet model is not very precise, but the new models of ultrasonic thickness gauge can read thicknesses between 0.01mm and 200mm.

Having professional measuring instruments is essential for carrying out numerous types of jobs in a precise and professional way.