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Remember to check frequently the LENOX Special Offers page to take advantage of convenient opportunities about diamond blades, step drills and saw blades for spot saws, hacksaws and hole saws.

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LENOX products are an essential choice for cutting, sawing and drilling. The brand boasts over a century of activity in the business of cutting accessories for power tools. This long history is a symbol of LENOX quality, founded in 1915 in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The strength of LENOX lies in ensuring the most suitable products for the material to be cut. Let's see some examples of excellence among the accessories of the brand.

Affordable Prices for Holesaws, Hole Saw Arbors and Step Drill Bits

Among the best cutting options, we find the T3™ Speed Slot® Holesaw whose advanced tooth configuration increases cutting life. Especially suitable for cutting wood and metal, it is also easier to remove residual material through the Speed Slot® side openings. It also has a thicker wall to increase strength and minimize the risk of teeth loss.

To drill holes quickly, while ensuring a clean and round result, the ideal ones are the Vari-Bit™ Step Drills Bits, with the exclusive design two flute design and the split point. The last one allows a faster penetration and reduces the over-dimensioning of the hole. Another fundamental feature is the steam oxide of the coating, which gives additional resistance to the point. If you want to extend the service life even further, we recommend the use of the LENOX Protool Lube® emulsion.

Offers on the Blades for Jigsaws and Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saw blades and jigsaw blades are differentiated mainly by whether they are used for cutting metal, wood or other materials, or for demolition. For example, the Bi-Metal T-shank jigsaw blades are the most suitable for cutting wood and are on offer on Mister Worker™. These jigsaw blades are extremely sharp and allow an optimal result to be achieved with a more precise and faster cut, without deflection. The LAZER CT™ reciprocating saw blades are recommended for heavy metal cutting: the patented Power Blast Technology™ provides longer blade life. The blasting of the cutting edges reinforces the blade and reduces the risk of breaking, as well as increasing the life of the product. The taller blade profile also contributes to this, and you can also get straighter cuts.

Discounts on MetalMax™ Diamond Blades

One of LENOX's outstanding products is the METALMAX™ cut off disc with diamond technology, which brings the product to an extremely long service life and therefore optimises efficiency and costs in metal cutting work. One of the key features of these discs is the diamond's capability to maintain its original diameter: this allows more controlled and precise cuts to be made with the same depth throughout their lifetime.

Mister Worker™ is an Official LENOX Reseller

In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you will find special offers on diamond blades, holesaws, jigsaw blades and reciprocating saw blades, as well as kits and synthetic fluids. Depending on the type of material you need to work on, you can browse the complete LENOX catalogue on Mister Worker™ and find the most suitable accessories for your purposes. The entire range of products available in the catalogue is covered by the official LENOX warranty. Moreover, the Mister Worker™ customer service is available for any question or request: contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible!