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Diamond blades by LENOX

On Mister Worker™ you can find the catalogue of LENOX cutting discs: the diamond technology allows high durability and operating efficiency. Discover in the catalogue and in our in-depth studies the avant-garde of cutting tools.

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Diamond blades LENOX

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LENOX METALMAX™ cutting discs boast effective diamond technology for the best cutting performance: a new alternative to abrasive cutting discs. The main advantage of diamond technology is a much longer service life, which can optimize work efficiency and reduce costs in metal cutting. With METALMAX™ diamond blades you can work on many types of materials, from steel to sheet metal, from rods to cast iron, from aluminum to non-ferrous metals.

The performance of diamond discs is high and has a strong impact: the blades can make more than a thousand cuts without the need for replacement. Durability also benefits from this technology: lifetime is 30x longer than aluminium oxide cutting discs. One of the main characteristics is the maintenance of the blade’s diameter: the diamond technology in fact avoids reductions, thus allowing to maintain the same depth of cut throughout the life of the product. In short: more control and precision. Find out more in the product page.

Mister Worker™ is an Official Reseller of LENOX METALMAX™ cutting blades

In the Mr. Worker™ catalogue you can find LENOX cutting discs for all types of materials. If you need tools to cut various materials, Mister Worker™ is the online store for you, with a large assortment of professional products. The entire range of tools available in the catalogue is shipped within 48 hours and is covered by the official LENOX warranty. Moreover, the Mister Worker™ customer service is available for any question or request: contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible!