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On Mister Worker™ you can buy the entire LENOX catalogue, an American brand producing premium performance tools since 1915. Complete your assortment with high quality tools: LENOX offers a wide selection of durable cut-off wheelshole saws and hole saws arbors, jigsaw bladesreciprocating saw blades and step drill bits. If you would like to discover how to choose and how to use a hole saw and its accessories, have a look at the interview with the expert from Lenox available on our Blog!
Moreover, we suggest you have a look at the playlist available on Mister Worker’s YouTube channel to learn more about reciprocating saw blades and saws, hole saws for cutting different materials and much more!

LENOX Complete Catalogue: Power Tools Accessories on Mister Worker™

LENOX is an excellent brand that has recently celebrated one hundred years in business. It was founded in 1915 in Springfield, Massachusetts. At the time, it was called LENOX™ American Saw and, with just ten employees, it produced Hacksaw blades. The characteristics of the products are reflected in the name LENOX™, inspired by the speed, strength and sharpness of the teeth of the wolves that used to live in the hills of Loch Lomond, home of the Count of Lenox, in Scotland. More than a century has passed since the brand's inception: during these years the company has grown to 700 employees. The company's research and development department has always been at the forefront of the history of the brand. Since 1918 it has been producing band saws and in 1952 the range of products was extended to include hole saws, while in 1977 hand tools and accessories for power tools were added to the production line. In the same year, the first Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades were produced, using the same technology as the band saw blades.

26 minutes and 6 seconds: this is the time taken by Lee Hackman Breton to cut his car in two pieces using a LENOX Hacksaw blade. Fifteen years later, LENOX sets another record: it is the first company in the production of blades to obtain ISO 9001 certification. The Lenox catalogue continues to grow, with new products, tools and professional accessories such as the ARMOR band saw blades and the longer-lasting, versatile and faster Speed Slot hole saws. A research path that never stops: in recent years the T3 hole saws and MetalMax™ cutting discs have been launched.

LENOX MetalMax™ Cut-Off Wheels

Imagine a cutting disc that can reach more than a thousand cuts without the need to be replaced, and a life 30 times longer than aluminum oxide typical wheels. This is the reality of the brand with the LENOX MetalMax™ cut-off wheels. Thanks to the advanced diamond technology, Lenox MetalMax™ cut-off wheels are extremely durable and allow you to work with maximum efficiency. Created with diamonds, this composition allows for diameter retention, so that the cutting depth remains the same throughout the life of the disc. LENOX MetalMax™ also has other advantages and peculiarities, for example it generates less dust residue: sparks are produced only by the material that has been cut. This means a less dusty and healthier working environment. 

Whether for use with die grinders or angle grinders, chop saws or gas saws, MetalMax™ discs are suitable for various materials, such as stainless steel, cast iron, sheet metal, aluminium and non-ferrous materials. The robust steel body is stronger and reduces the risk of breakage. There is also a more practical and user-friendly reason to prefer LENOX MetalMax™: it is designed to be used with the same power tools as bonded abrasive discs, at the same RPMs and the same feed forces, without any need to change operational settings.

Discover Lenox SPEED SLOT Hole Saws with T3 technology and LENOX Diamond hole saws

On Mister Worker you can shop LENOX complete range of hole saw sizes. Progress and new levels of quality in hole saws category are driven by the T3 Speed Slot technology: the wall of the saw is thicker, improving the resistance of the hole saw and minimizing the risk of tooth loss. This technology extends the life of the product which has a 50% longer life compared to the previous Lenox generation. To complete this technology, the side openings make it easier to remove the residual material. 

For a fast and easy engage and disengage of the hole saw, you can use LENOX SNAP-BACK™ Arbors. These arbors do not require any tool or adaptor and prevent threads from stripping, making plug removal an easier task. 

LENOX Diamond™ hole saws are especially suitable for cutting tiles and stone, even with minimal pressure. The diameter can range from 19 to 114 millimetres.
For fast, clean and round holes, the LENOX catalogue re-proposed by Mister Worker™ relies above all on the VARI-BIT™ step drill bits, whose two-flute design allows circular holes to be drilled with greater speed and precision. Penetration into the material is faster with the threaded tip and the vaporized oxide coating provides greater strength.

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Mister Worker™ is a global reseller of the LENOX offer, suitable for professionals and selected to ensure the highest quality of work. Our advice to you is to consult frequently the page of LENOX Special Offers to take advantage of the best catalogue’s opportunities. The selection of blades, whether for the hole saw or the jigsaw, is one of the Top Quality in the world. Of course, we invite you to read our blog article for more details and we are available for any question: send us a message and our experts will answer to you.

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