Mister Worker® offers a series of aluminum ladders, industrial stools, work trolleys and scaffolding systems that go through the most rigid controls in terms of occupational safety, to guarantee maximum peace of mind for any type of professional and any work height.

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Mister Worker® has in its catalog a very wide range of lifting and elevation systems: loading ramps, work trolleys, scaffolding, domestic and professional ladders... all of carefully selected brands, to always guarantee a high level of quality and professionalism. All lifting systems present in the Mister Worker® range comply with the recent regulations regarding safety at work, to give maximum safety and peace of mind to professionals who use ladders and scaffolding on a daily basis, but also for those who need daily Heavy duty and reliable loading ramps.

In our catalog there are products that do not know crises and are constantly requested by customers: an excellent example is that of aluminum loading ramps, both fixed and folding. They are used for different purposes: the most common is to help people in wheelchairs to move easily in all those spaces where no dedicated ramps have been fitted. They are also very widespread to facilitate loading and unloading of goods in warehouses, especially if the vans used for transport do not have an integrated ramp. These are aluminum ramps that can withstand heavy weights, so as to ensure safe use in every situation. Folding aluminum loading ramps are also available in the assortment, ideal for those who need them in different environments and in different situations and do not have large spaces to hold fixed loading ramps.

Other products required continuously both by individuals and professionals are the aluminum ladders. In the domestic scale version they are required above all from offices and private individuals, who need a home scale that guarantees maximum security. A domestic ladder can be a classic model, especially useful for small jobs such as replacing a light bulb, or it can have a tray, to place small hand tools useful for carrying out various kinds of repairs or cleaning products, and a bucket hook . In the telescopic ladder version, on the other hand, they are used by different types of professionals, from those working in the construction sector to those working in the construction sector. An extendable ladder can be used extended in different lengths, to reach different heights according to the need of the moment. Some extensible ladder models can also be used as a double ladder or a lame ladder in the presence of gradients.

In the Mister Worker® catalog there are numerous lifting systems, to satisfy both individuals and professionals. Buying a professional aluminum ladder or a home ladder that has passed all occupational safety checks means living peacefully both at home and at work.