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Kukko is a brand with outstanding experience and know-how in the field of tools for bearing removal such as internal and external extractors or pullers that ensure a non-destructive disassembly of parts. If you would like to learn more about the use of pullers or a guide that answers the question “which type of puller do I need?” or "how do I use a puller properly?", we strongly recommend you read the interview with the brand contact persons available on our blog. To discover more about the brand's top selling products, such as ball bearing extractors and Selechtor, visit Mister Worker®’s Youtube channel! You will find a playlist dedicated to Kukko tools, which includes really interesting explaining the features that make these tools unique.

KUKKO UK: a centenary history

What began as a manufactory in October 1919 in the basement of a residential building is now a globally operating family business in its fourth generation under the management of business owner Michael Kleinbongartz. In the very year of foundation, the two young entrepreneurs Alfred Kleinbongartz and Emil Kaiser shaped an entrepreneurial spirit that is still decisive for the business development today. The company is based in Germany, operates with 80 employees and sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide. Today, the brand is no longer just a manufacturer of puller tools, but rather a solution developer who uses its know-how and vision to ensure that everything continues to run for their customers and partners. 

With the know-how developed in over 100 years of activities, the company’s techniques are continuously being refined and work processes are made more effective on a global level. Its customers continue to benefit from this development to this day. Following the new company claim “Pull forward”, the business has made it its main goal to keep its product and service promise in the future in order to achieve its declared vision of being a global solution developer by 2025. 

The company keeps the world moving and is itself always changing. The demand for premium tools is increasing around the globe. Germany as the origin of the products is highly valued. Worldwide, the brand with quality "Made in Germany" represents high problem-solving expertise and absolute quality.  

From the very beginning the producer has specialised in the development and manufacture of puller tools for the non-destructive dismantling of gear wheels, bearings, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology. These include the automotive, agricultural, aviation, shipbuilding and wind power industries. Right up until today the product lines pulling and dismantling tools are the core business of the Group. It proudly presents a unique range of 150 puller types and 500 insert sizes, which has led to the brand name becoming synonymous with non-destructive dismantling solutions over the years. 

KUKKO Professional External Pullers and much more

The largest share of the product range is accounted for by the classic external puller. The business offers a unique modular system in the 20 and 30 series: a multitude of combination options with different hook types, adjustment options, extensions, 2-arm and 3-arm traverses and mechanical and grease hydraulic spindles. This enables the user to assemble his individual puller, which is best suited for his application. 

When pulling off the outside, the part to be pulled off, e.g. a gear wheel, a belt pulley or a ball bearing, is gripped from the outside and released from the shaft by actuating the spindle. 

In contrast, ball bearings and bushings which are not accessible from the outside, e.g. because they are in a recess, are pulled out, an internal puller is used. In order to be able to pull out a bearing with an internal puller, a countersupport or a sliding hammer is required.  

When pulling off flat parts such as ball bearings or gear wheels, one speaks of separation. The sharp, wedge-shaped cutting edges of the separating device are positioned under the part to be pulled off and pulled off or separated with the aid of a pulling device (series 18) which is screwed into the separating device. 

For the non-destructive pulling of ball bearings which are in a housing and on a shaft and therefore cannot be reached either from the outside or with an internal puller, special pullers for ball bearings are required. 

Kukko’s Innovations: PULLPO and Selecthor

The company's range naturally also includes numerous other products that can be used for nondestructive dismantling or for mounting ball bearings, for example. These include, inter alia, the Selecthor soft-faced hammer with plastic impact elements single and double-edged nut splitters or hydraulic pullers up to 50 tons. 

PULLPO: Non-contact is the new dimension in non-destructive dismantling 

The PULLPO enables contact-free dismantling of ball bearings. Neither the puller nor the spindle comes into contact with the shaft or housing. The arms or hooks of the puller are simply inserted into the outer ring of the bearing to be pulled off using support rings. The arms center themselves and tighten autonomously. Due to their special design, the pulling hooks guarantee a reliable hold during the pulling process and enable higher removal forces. Depending on the ball bearing size, PULLPO is used with three or four arms. The absolute novelty of this puller is the force transfer: the spindle is not propped up, but it is connected to the bearing with support crosses to form a complete unit. After placing the puller, the spindle is operated with a torque wrench and the bearing is gently pulled off. The collar on the spindle head prevents the wrench from slipping off. In this way, the bearing can be pulled off without leaving any traces.  

Selecthor: the new soft-face hammer champion by KUKKO 

The Selecthor soft-face hammer guarantees maximum impact power with minimal joint strain. The full impact force is transferred to the workpiece to be processed in an instant. This not only protects the joints, but also improves impact power. The Selecthor is particularly gentle to the material. Impact-sensitive surfaces can thus be precisely processed, positioned or aligned. Exchangeable impact inserts enable the impact hardness to always be adapted to the desired area of application. The premium cast steel housing and the ergonomic handle made of resistant hickory wood provide special stability. Using with the Selecthor soft-face hammer, every impact counts. It generates 1.5 times the impact energy due to the unique, innovative anti-rebound inlay. 

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